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Refocus Fearful Thoughts

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    Refocus Fearful Thoughts as You Enact These Positive Steps of Change

    Do you wonder about fearful thoughts and why it would be beneficial to refocus them? Ponder upon what more we are to share. Consider your heart space and additional understandings that remain underfoot. They are ready to bubble up to the surface and become known. Make this day unlike any other. As you refocus from there to here, do you wonder if there is a sentiment we might share that will move you in a more positive way? Might you consider a sentiment or thought process to move you onto a more desired pathway of purpose? A more preferred pathway that will take you closer to where you seek to be.

    You see, so much is underfoot and awaits your engagement. Might you wonder what more might be? What more might come into being as you align in the frequencies of this day? Align to know more directly what awaits your attunement with what is. What is underfoot and wafting about as much is still in flux and flow?

    Your Focus is Key

    As you align with un-preferred or fearful considerations, these things are then drawn to you. As you remain focused upon them, they are drawn to you as the Law of Attraction implies. We would say to remove them from your immediate mental awareness by changing up your focus. Focus on other things. Take a breather from the drama that is out-pictured in a 24/7 posture. Move away from what is continually playing and recognize that more uplifting possibilities await your engagement. They await a means of entry and discovery.

    And so make this sentiment the method you seek to engage in this day. Seek to engage a day of hope and possibility. Get about doing all you sought to more fully understand before embodying here. We discuss enacting your mission, your purpose, and your reason for being. We believe this to be the most promising posture you could enlist.


    So refocus to get the most traction from all you are meant to do and be in this life. Move in unparalleled and unstoppable ways. Bring about your purpose as you continue to refocus, bridging new understandings. Remember what you came to enact once upon a time by allowing a bubbling up to occur. This purposeful objective is why you chose to come here in the first place.

    The purpose we discuss is not the life purpose but the original purpose. The thing that your Soul wanted to know and learn while physically placed. Yes, you are the one who is to enact this thing while getting heart-centered direction from that higher part of you. Connect in that way to access more.

    Start from your Heart Center

    Start while centered from your heart, and recognize how all options await your continued focus, refocus, and desired intentions. See guideposts along the way. This will move you to engage in the most positive way. This undertaking will uplift your Soul as you seek new avenues of opportunity which remain untested. Might you place your focus there to move your objectives into motion?

    It is from the heart center that you might begin each endeavor. We will say that each endeavor is worthwhile as each step leads you to the next one. You see, this is where we recommend starting each enterprise of significance or not. You see you will be operating in a different way when you engage in this way.

    Heart center engagement will move you differently. All you create will be crafted and aligned from the heart space as opposed to originating from the mind. Do you know the difference? See if you can feel a difference when you test it out for yourself.

    Begin from the heart space each day. Do so to shift out of mental engagements. Move in this way rather than any other. You will see a different mix of activities occur as your energy will originate from a different space as opposed to those mentally devised.

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