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Are You A TV Junkie

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    Are You A TV Junkie

    Do you wonder about the effects of television (TV)  and if you are a TV junkie? And why is this an issue to your spiritual progression? Do you wonder? Have you asked?

    So your day might begin with checking your phone and the feed of information that has occurred since you last viewed your device. Although there are relevant concerns about overdoing electronic use, let us focus on one’s use of viewing too much on the big box … found on your TV. Let’s start there.

    Do you see that when you do so, you are in many ways checking out? And although this is fine to do, could better choices be made? Could you step outside instead and look at nature? Could you sit in meditation? Could you read a book? Could you do one of a myriad of other things rather than this one? For in many ways, is there a learning process that you wish to engage in? Is there a freeing of the mind which you wish to accomplish? What is wanted to be received in this way? What do you desire to make manifest? 

    We would say to consider this and to perhaps even contemplate upon this consideration. For in many ways there is a relinquishing of the reality in which you exist. There is the almost need to step away from it and move to something else. Do you see that something else does not satisfy anything of value that you yearn for within? In many ways here you are satisfying the mental cravings to know something that is unnecessary in the big picture of what we will call your life. 

    Do You Invest too much Time in TV

    If you binge-watch a series or season or anything that is of a longer duration is there a feeling of accomplishment or of achievement? And we would simply ask how this activity has bettered your life. How have you gained anything of lasting value here? And what have you gained in exchange for the time investment you have made, for many times even historical or more factual aspects are altered to make the occurrence more stimulating than perhaps it actually was? So then to base your understanding on something that is more fictional than actual is a fallacy that is hard to segway your understanding into the way in which it did occur.

    So we ask this day for you to consider a reduction in the watching and absorbing of such stimulation. And perhaps you say, But I don’t watch TV as frequently as that. Or, I don’t watch TV at all. I’ve given it up. But we will ask if you get mental stimulation from something other than that. Would you consider your cellular device instead? Do you get that sort of injection of what the mind craves in other ways?

    If so, is it time to limit what is taken in? Is it time to no longer be the one who gets that stimulation or boosted satisfaction in this way? You may not be a TV junkie but does that sort of infusion occur with something else? Do you satisfy the mental promptings received in another way? Is there then a yielding from the incessant banter with this other thing?

    What about Your Cellular Device

    Does this craving come through your smartphone instead? Each of these is meant to be a tool to bring you an easier life. But do not let this life be laden with things that do limit the way you perceive and receive them. There is a lingering effect here.

    There is a lingering effect which you must consider, for this information does alter all that does follow it for it causes you to perhaps look upon similar occurs with the effects of that which was not there before.


    Know that there will be much resistance to enlisting change here. Resistance to make a dent into that time which is sometimes warranted but mostly not. It will mean stepping away from lengthy social media activities that can diminish and take you on a path of looking and searching and seeking through an endless assortment of queries to find out details that are of little or no value. So we would say to reclaim your time. Reclaim that which you are above as you move beyond this thing which we will say is in many ways an addiction.

    Enlist Better Choices

    Are you a TV Addict?

    Step away and choose better choices. One that makes a lasting impact, in a way of positivity, in a way of love, and in a way that is more meaningful than perhaps what you might have found previously.

    Choose to engage in those things that are for the betterment of your life in a meaningful sort of way.

    Consider stopping and pausing routinely to ask where you are within life’s journey. Where are you within the pathway you know to be your purpose? Ponder upon this and know that you are in many ways on a mission to reconnect to this thing once known and yearned for. You sought to know more and this is why you are here. Seek to connect back to it or to allow a bubbling up to occur as you pause and still the mind so that more might become known in this way. Might you contemplate here and not there?

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