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Calm Pandemic Fears in Children

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    Calm fears of children

    It is important during these times to explain to children about the distancing that is being experienced today. This, too, is why fear need not be. Need not be entertained and undertaken as it does have a ripple effect as it moves out from its point of origin. 

    Parents must take the lead and recognize the significance of the parental role model they are entrusted with as they move and evolve in this life. Each might seek the means to be that role model as they recognize how their efforts do affect not only the one but the many. 

    Is Fear the New Normal

    Children today have a unique opportunity to be a part of all that is progressing. Look to have them move from here to the next new normal in a more seamless way. They are not physically impacted as are others, and so they will move into the next reality having experienced a degree of the former normal into the new normal which is known today.

    Allow them to move into each space without the fear that is often associated with today’s climate. Allow them to have what will seem more normal when you embrace what is about this day in the way it is now to be. You see, you hold a former understanding which they do not know. And so they will look to you to see if there is something they need to be concerned about and fear. If you take a posture to embrace all as it is, to enlist caution without engaging fear, then you enable them to experience their youth in a more carefree fashion than were you to engage in the energy of fear. 

    Create Happy Memories

    Life for them can be and will be filled with memories. Engage and seek engagement of energy that will fill them with happy and buoyant memories. Those that will buoy them up and be held as an occurrence most treasured. In this way, they will not miss their carefree childhood days as you will cradle them in a way so they do not recognize anything but your unwavering love and devotion. 

    All these exist as choices today. Move through this time in a manner that will give them happy reflections of their youth. Do so, so that you build for them a strong foundational platform of support, love, and protection.

    Create a Pathway

    Do this as they grow into their youth. They then move to exhibit a life you have crafted by enlisting certain measures to establish a pathway for them to move forward. Not to elicit a lesser energy or any self-limiting avenues as you create a preferred route for them to embark upon. Do this and they will grow in measure and be assured having moved forward from a foundational platform not built upon the sands of this time. Give them assurances and hope for the future. The future you held in your earlier youth so theirs is not minimized or diminished by what is occurring in this day.

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