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Awaken from Mind Games – Connect

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    Awaken from Mind Games and Connect

    Is it time to awaken and connect in a way beyond the mind games in which you may currently exist? We will say that connection is a monumental thing. And so, how does this or that means of connection exist? Does it work as you believe? How does it move you to find the next best thing, and how might you move in a way of significance or continual motion? How might you reach that ultimate destination, arriving where you truly seek to go?

    Connect as You Believe

    We will say that belief is a powerful thing. And when you believe this, how can you believe that? And so, know that when beliefs are fixed, there is a limitation to what might otherwise be. And limitations, as you know, are not preferred as they limit the full expanse of the journey you might otherwise traverse.

    And so this day, do you wonder about the best way to connect to receive our insights? Perhaps you are listening to or reading one of our books, and you seek to do it this way rather than another. How will that work and will it effectively get you from here to there as you might prefer?

    For you see, the mind is a dicey deal. It will seek to navigate you and tell you how this way is the best way. And that other ways are not as effective as what it suggests. You might be in a mind game right now, believing that what is being said reinforces what you have said, what you believe. And so we will say to release that. Release the need to be right or correct. Release the preference to be the one who knows all. For surely, how can you know all at this stage of your existence? If you knew all, you would not be here. You would be in another dimension where the physical limitations of existence are not as they are here. So again we say, release what you believe. Release it now and let us begin again.

    Mind Games

    For in the knowingness in which you find yourself is the ultimate game. It is the ultimate quest to block your quest for spiritual discovery. For you see, you are in a mind game. And the mind seeks control. The mind seeks to thwart what you might want to achieve. It seeks to keep you in its mired web of knowingness, accomplishment, and doing. Many of the doings in which you find yourself amidst and involved in are those you can attribute to “no need to accomplish” for they do not benefit what you might seek to more fully know within this lifetime.

    Let us say they are time-fillers, time wasters, and of no real measure. And so we say to release those. Release those things that move you on the path that might traverse you in a different way. They will move you beyond, around, away from, and into something other than what is truly sought. 

    And so begin again. Begin by knowing that you do not know what you do not know. Cannot know in this space, for much of what you receive is allowed entrance mentally. It is not until you redirect the mind and all that comes thru its portal or gateway of understanding that you can truly begin on a meaningful journey of self-discovery because until then you are blocked by what is or is not accepted mentally. 

    Clear Your Mind – Begin Again

    So the first step today is to clear the mind of its understandings. To clear the mind of its need to be right. To clear the mind of all that had existed before within its realm of belief and begin again. Can you do this? Can you take what you knew and believed before and shelf that for a time? Perhaps even just a short time to allow more to enter in. And in this way, you allow more to be. Do you see?

    When the mind races, when the mind has to be filled to the brim, when the mind seeks to never slow, there is a difficulty for more to enter in. But when there is an opening for what might otherwise be, when there is an allowing with a degree of wanting, then there is that chance for more to enter in. So seek this and not that. Seek more so that you might know what the mind seeks to regulate. For if you have too much of a discovery or an awakening, then the control that the mind maintains within a day may become threatened. It may become less than it is today. And it may become infringed upon. This, of course, is not sought by that which controls your days in a very significant way. Choose to keep mental thoughts at bay.

    And if this does not resonate with you, then sit with it for a time and perhaps more time. Sit with it and allow more to enter in. But you must, in time, develop the means for more to be. If you give the mind more, then how will you ever be in that space of allowing — for more — to truly be? 

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