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    Robyn G. Locke - Author
    Lesvos, Greece where Enact Your Purpose became real…

    If you’re like me, you’ve considered your purpose for a while. Are you wondering now, how do I discover my original purpose? Or maybe what is the real purpose of this life, or perhaps how do I find my life path? It very much started that way for me.

    It was when I began asking what my purpose was and sitting with the premise … and by contemplating on the questions I held. Usually, my mind won out when it began to suggest how I didn’t have time to just be sitting around musing on something so difficult to find. I’d never found it before. So why did I think that I would find it so easily now?

    I had to admit that line of reasoning made a lot of sense to me. It had always felt so difficult to get very far along on my quest to discover what this purpose thing was. How did I expect to quickly find something that had eluded me most of my life? The mind waged a good war here as I believed what my mind suggested.

    And I’ll add that the mind, the egoic mind, presents us with the greatest challenges this life has to offer. It is, quite frankly, the biggest obstacle that we each have to learn how to overcome. Are you up for the challenge? The Elders say to outwit the wit is most fun when you can get to that level of play. 

    I digress here because the sort of war the mind wages is staggering. It is our greatest adversary within this life and any other. It is the means to take a great day and drop it down a notch or two. And when you are already down, wow, how the mind likes to pile on. Have you experienced that?

    So at some point, in order to come out ahead, you will need to get the mind and mental meanderings under control.

    The Elders have given us the means to develop this muscle and help us to alter all that has come before by giving 10 Key Steps to move the needle. It is the means of personal transformation, growth, and awareness. And it all starts by taking one step in that direction, by wanting something more today than yesterday. Yes, it is how we maintain our focus and the thoughts we keep. And yes, it is that simple.

    The Original Purpose

    First I’ll say to please be sure to check out our books. Two of them launched recently. They are Awaken: The Definitive Guide to Transformative Change. Awaken is your guide to transform your life and heal. And The Greater Purpose: Awaken to Your Reason for Being. The Greater Purpose is the definitive guide to finding your purpose.

    So what about finding that elusive original purpose? Let me add here that when I first discovered the Elders, we communicated daily or as often as I had chosen to connect back then. Yet, I didn’t know they were talking about a different sort of purpose. They simply discussed finding your purpose. Find the meaning of our existence when connecting with that purpose. So how are you to understand your purpose? What is your intention moving forward?

    You see, back then, I thought they were talking about my life’s purpose. Even when they gave the first book, The Little Book to Find Your Purpose, I thought they were discussing the life purpose all the while. It took me three years and many pages of discourse with the Elders to finally realize they were discussing something more. Go figure.

    So what is the original purpose anyway? I really hadn’t had a clue. How was I to understand this purpose, and how are you to understand your purpose? What is the real purpose of life anyway?

    It wasn’t until I read the communications I had with the Elders dating back several years that I finally understood what they had really been talking about. I recognized that my earlier beliefs were simply not true. I had to release the belief that all I had to understand revolved around my life purpose. I had to embrace a new understanding. Something significantly more than what I believed earlier.

    Have you done that? Conjectured something and later found out that the mind had led you astray? The mind and its of-so-helpful platitudes. Ha. Maybe not so helpful, but definitely resourceful. 

    So then I went back and re-read the Little Book to Find Your Purpose. Surely, I would get a new insight within its pages. And I did. I then realized that this book wasn’t about one’s life purpose at all. It, too, was about the original purpose. Wow. Hard to believe that nowhere in this little book did they mention (not once) having a life purpose. The Elders were never discussing the life purpose…only the original one. 

    So I’ll say, too, that much of what the mind suggests, assumes, or implies is factually incorrect. You might consider that the next time you assume something mentally contrived. Feeling your way through each thing and each step you take is the way to greater clarity. It is the means of truly knowing your path and what next step might be the best one to take.

    So what is the original purpose? The Elders describe it this way: they suggest you think of this original purpose as a wheel. Each life purpose is one spoke on the wheel. You see, within each lifetime, you experience one component of the bigger, more vast purpose. Then see the wheel rolling toward you. Do you feel the significance here? Recognize that this is why you are living this life today. It’s why you are here. It is to understand something that could not be understood when your Soul was pure consciousness when it was spiritual essence in form (or in its formlessness).

    And so, might you consider contemplating upon this original purpose premise? Contemplate and allow for a bubbling up to begin to surface. Allow time to pass, knowing that you are meant to experience life in the wonderment of all that it is. And then reflect back to when you were a child and what you wanted to do and be at that time. What did you consider doing before life’s limitations were imposed upon you?

    So what should you do when you discover you are on the wrong path? Is that possible? You see, even when you believe you are not traveling the right path, know that each path has a purpose. So know that you are exactly where you need to be. If something no longer aligns or feels right, then just change what you are doing. It’s not meant to be rocket science … shifting your course of direction is easier than you might believe.

    What Did You Want to Become in Your Youth

    Think back now when you are in meditation or contemplation. Think upon this premise in a light-hearted, whimsical way. Then consider their commonalities. I wanted to become a nun and, later a stewardess. They seem very different, don’t they? Yet what do they both do? They serve. 

    Here’s a fun take from the Passion, Purpose, and Possibilities Podcast to check out too.

    So recognize that your spiritual essence entered into an agreement. Entering into the agreement allowed for this Earth journey to take place. It was the means to enter into form here on this planet. You came here to experience life and the densities that exist so that you might have a greater understanding of what this thing you didn’t understand truly was. 

    It is the density here that allows you to feel everything so keenly. More so than you might have imagined earlier. This Earth experience allows you to know or understand more deeply. You could say it allows you to feel down to your core. For example, it allows you to actually understand what it feels like to be happy or sad. But sometimes, you are inclined to feel more than you had anticipated feeling. Or when you repeatedly experience something unwanted, do you decide you’ve felt enough of that sort of thing? Do you stuff down any associated emotions just to get through the experience? Perhaps this causes you to push away from what is. 

    But know that each thing created is meant to be felt. It is meant to be felt so that you can know the good and the bad. So that you might know what is wanted and also those things not wanted. Especially when moving to know the energy of your purpose. You must also know its converse energy.

    Yet, sometimes there is the preference not to feel something created. Instead of feeling you choose to push through the occurrence. But Universe knows that you came here to experience and understand these things you’ve created. So the energy you’ve created becomes stored until you are ready to feel all you’ve created. 

    Misaligned Energy

    When energy becomes stored for a long time, when it is left to fester, this misaligned energy changes in time. It transforms. It becomes the beginning of disease and illness in the body. When it is not felt and left to fester, the energy will change in its misalignment. Be aware of this and choose to feel all you create.

    So understand that the original purpose is why you are here. Your purpose is energy. You wanted to understand what it felt like to be in that energy. And you will continue to return here until you figure out what this thing is by enacting steps to recognize what it is. You see, you are meant to feel your life and all that you’ve created. 

    You are meant to connect to this original purpose and know it from a state of conscious awareness. It is in that realization and that level of knowingness that you might now engage as you look upon this life. It is in that level of awareness that each thing will now appear a bit differently than before. It is from this vantage of awareness that you might now embrace the gift that this life brings. 

    The Gift

    You see, this life and each lifetime is a gift. It is a gift and is oh-so-precious. You see, each lifetime is that opportunity to recognize that you can experience what was not previously understood. To see how each showed you what was wanted and what was not wanted. Allowing you to move in a way of understanding and shifting from one experience to the next. To shift-change your perspective along the way so that more could become known. 

    Do you see that it is the perspective that you keep that will allow for so much more to be? And this is why you might consider your beliefs and their importance. It is because you need the perspectives to reinforce the belief. But if you release beliefs, then the perspectives will yield. So you might consider releasing your beliefs in order to allow your perspectives to shift. One is needed to reinforce the other. And in allowing for this occurrence, you will start to see life differently. 

    So understand that these things and this life are a part of the journey. Embrace this journey and know that it is time to move beyond the maya that it suggests in the illusionary premise that is evoked here. 

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