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Restore Wholeness Meditation

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    We’ve introduced an understanding to restore the wholeness sought by your Soul. Did you wonder how you might bring this much-desired wholeness in? The meditation we shared then and again here will help shed more light on how to achieve this objective. Because of its importance, we’ve circled back around to it. Engage this meditation as a means of restoration as you set the intention to restore wholeness.  

    Equate this misaligned energy to dirty or darkened kernels nestled within. This energy seeks recognition and acknowledgment of its existence. Recognition is key. This discovery will enable their ultimate release. Know, too, you now have the means to curtail other misaligned energy from being drawn to you.

    The Law of Attraction

    This is what the Law of Attraction suggests. This is how you might move away from attracting other like-kind energy to you in the future. When you remove the attractor component, you cut the energetic strings that would draw this energy to you. This is what the Law of Attraction, a Universal Law, implies. Stop attracting what you don’t want by extracting it. Discover what is held within and then remove it and seek wholeness accordingly.

    Your Posture

    What about your posture? What will help you to remove misaligned energy? How might you align and efficiently move good energy in while conversely moving unwanted energy out? Let’s consider your posture. When you align yourself in the best posture, you facilitate ease of flow. Find what works best for you.

    Sit erect and in a way that best aligns for you to facilitate all you seek. This is how you might enact this restorative meditation. Our meditations offer the best results when you take a posture that does not restrict the energy in flow.

    Focus Needed to Restore Wholeness Meditation

    Now focus on what is lacking. Do you know things are off but don’t know precisely what they are, much less how to restore them? Simply set the intention to identify everything that isn’t as you prefer, whether it is seen or unseen.

    Set the intention to focus there as you remain aligned to facilitate this release. Trust what is occurring so you can more easily recognize the energy you seek to shift. Work to discern what is underfoot.

    Follow the steps outlined within the meditation. In this way, you can restore the wholeness sought. In doing so, you’ll enact a less encumbered life. A life that is less mired by limitation and lack.

    Restore Wholeness Meditation

    The key here is to take the suggested steps today rather than sometime in the future. Don’t simply read these words to enact another day. Take steps now to implement the updates given. Your life will immeasurably change when you enlist and engage in each outlined step.

    Do you recognize that this and other earlier meditations have been given to radically change your life? Yet, they will never be realized if you don’t put them into action. Test out each meditation and move them into motion. This is the best way to recognize what exists and what need not exist in your future.

    Don’t simply move on to the next thing that crosses your path, but enact the building blocks that will shift and change your future. Try out our recommendations and take steps to further alter what results.

    Engage this meditation frequently to eradicate what may exist now. And engage it again when you feel drawn to do so.

    Excerpt from the Restore Wholeness Post —

    Do you feel off, out of sorts, or like something’s missing? Do you wonder why things don’t add up or why you don’t comprehend something others seem to grasp right away? Do you recognize a need to restore wholeness? See these things as a means of recognizing what was originally complete and whole.

    Resolve and bring greater clarity into play. This way, you can easily plug the gaps, making this life easier, more effortless, and carefree.

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