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Can Someone Complete You – Like 2 Half-Circles Becoming 1

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    Happy couple - can someone complete you

    Do you wonder whether someone can complete you? Such a catchphrase you may have heard before in the movies. But does anyone really complete youHave you heard this phrase and believed this concept? Do you wonder if it is possible for one person to complete another? Is there such a thing as a Soul Mate or Twin Flame? Do you seemingly resonate with what these suggest? Does it seem a romantic notion or do the thoughts this phrase seeks to instill warrant further consideration?

    This would infer that you are somehow missing a component or two. Or perhaps it supposes you are incomplete. Do you believe this could be so? Could someone ever complete you in a way that would make a significant difference? And why would Universe seek to have someone moving about in life that was, in a way, lacking the fullness and totality of what is?

    Seek More

    Know that you are the full totality of what you need to be. In order to advance within this life, you perhaps might elicit wholeness from within. You see, you are the totality of all that you need to be in this life or any other. And no one else can instill, do, or accomplish more within your being and world than you. Seek to engage all that you might do, need to do, seek to do. 

    This concept of someone completing another is a myth in many regards. For you cannot do anything for another that has a lasting effect, much less complete them. You may be able to do something that would delay a realization by them. This is when you do for them as opposed to what they might do for themself. But do you see in doing for another, you are postponing what they must ultimately accept and become accountable for? Those are things that others might be remiss in doing individually. Or perhaps you would rather they enlist their energy like this rather than like that?

    But you cannot make anyone more conscientious, more loving, or more anything as they need to recognize what is amiss or missing within themself. And perhaps these things are not their shortcomings at all but rather something you see in them that is really about yourself. This is perhaps what remains adrift of what is.

    Know the only one within a lifetime that you can truly change into your being and world is yourself. Start there and release these mythical tales. And know too that you are all you need to be within the dynamic of the day and within this life.

    Energetic Gifts

    We would also suggest here that you may have unclaimed gifts from previous incarnations that might be incorporated into your life this day. This is the wholeness sought by the Soul, your Soul. But this is a different focus than the premise suggested today. But we do seek to integrate the two concepts as there is routinely more to any equation than one might immediately suppose. 

    You see, wholeness is sought and is a bigger objective than you may be aware of today. It is much easier to regain the wholeness in a physical way although this is an intangible discussion at play. Do you understand what we suggest here?

    Know that those things that cannot be seen are oh-so-significant. Look for those intangible offerings in a way of uniqueness. For they will bring more to the equation than you might realize at this point in time. We wanted to add this into the mix of your consideration as well so that you might contemplate and consider more.

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