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Choose Uplifting Friends

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    Seek Uplifting Friends - Choose Wisely

    What Does True Friendship Mean

    As you move about in the day, do you seek another individual to share in the joy of the day? And is that person someone with whom you are in alignment in a special, almost magical way? For in that unique means of connection, friends allow you to see how that one does know and understand many of the things you have done or that you will do.

    They are gifted with the ability to align with you as many others cannot. You do not need to explain yourself for they already know why you do as you do for they see and recognize many of your actions as those that they too would do. They see this thing and recognize that you are in many ways as they are. And so consider this to be a close friend and one who is gifted with the ability to know and move as you would and might. 

    So what is the value of friendship and is it beneficial to have those you consider to be friends versus those you consider to be close friends? And we would answer yes to both questions. The value and benefits of friendship are almost so vast that it would be pointless to discuss, without going into great detail here. But we will do so in a way that you might see its merit and the potential gained when in the mix of such energy.

    Shift Your Energy – Choose Friends Wisely

    For you see, this uplifted energy will buoy up your own energy. You see friends can bring you and your energy up or down. So let us say that today, we focus solely on that energy that is elevating and worthwhile … that energy that will move you forward, not back … that energy that is aspiring and loving, that energy that is of a special component and is the means of personal growth and advancement. You see, a good friend, held in the matrix of love and empowerment is that which is unparalleled in many ways. It is the means by which so much more can and does become known.

    This is the level of friendship that we hope you aspire to know and bathe in. This is the preferred energy component that will move you to know and be as no other. This energy will assist when you are in need of assistance and provide guidance when you seek an earthly means of understanding what you may not see when seeking consultation within. 

    Might you choose friends wisely? Do so while anchored from the heart space and ask if this one is seeking your greatest and best good. Ask in an impersonal way but in a way of wanting to know from a disinterested stance. Do not enter into such discussions or such desirings from a space of neediness for that energy will not lead you to where you seek to go.

    The Law of Attraction Exists Here

    When you are ready for a special friend, align and ask for them to enter into the scene of your awareness. Do so as the law of attraction implies. Attract what you prefer into your life as you ask for an energetic equivalence to become known. In this way, you do not draw in a friend of a lesser energy. Do you agree?

    Draw into your field of awareness someone that you align and aspire to align with. Ask for someone who is of a greater nature perhaps than you are so that you might grow in their understanding. Then, be receptive to receive. Stay alert and ready for them to appear so you do not miss their appearance in this — your play of life. 

    Be willing to invite them in with love and grace. Be ready for all that is to proceed from this space of love as you are anchored from your heart space as you look to receive more. This is a gift from on high and you should see and feel it as such. Know this and move this day in a most inspired way, awaiting and wanting this most precious gift of Love from Universe to be made manifest. Move in an inspired and inspirational means offered through the energetic component we suggest. Move in Love for all that is.

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