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Beliefs, What Do You Believe

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    Beliefs are a tricky thing. Do you believe in yourself, in another, in the profession you have chosen, or in certain spiritual pursuits? What do you believe and who do you believe in?

    Beliefs are Important

    You see each thing you believe is reinforced by those things presented back to you as confirmation. So when you experience something which leads you to believe in this or that thing, also recognize that Universe seeks to reinforce your beliefs. It does so by returning what you believe back to you as a means of confirmation. Even if the belief held is not actually true. More of it will continue to be given to reaffirm your thoughts.

    But do you see because of your renewed focus, believing these signs to be a confirmation, you draw more of it to your doorstep? This, in turn, causes you to further believe that this belief is correct. So in essence, you come to some faulty conclusions. Universe sees through your focused attention that this thing is preferred by you and so more of it is given. Can you see here, that this thing you fixate upon, may or may not be as you believe it to be? Rather, it is as it is because you believe it to be as you conjecture. All is reinforced in this way. Beliefs from your alignment to them become fortified in this way.

    This is sometimes rather exhausting, but can you look upon this in a different way? So perhaps, when you believe something is given as a sign or even that all things have led you to believe this belief, would you now stop and ask inwardly? Do this. Seek (in this way) to surrender all you believe.

    Ask for Inner Confirmation

    Ask inwardly through meditation and focus for an internal confirmation of what you believe has been given. Be open. Be willing to see things differently than before. See how all things which reside in your path could be viewed as indicators that will lead you to a different set of conclusions. Could another reality or outcome also be considered? Would you be accepting of yet another premise?

    This is the surrender component. Seek such an alignment in the surrender of it now.

    Limited Reality

    You see, all of Universe wants to reinforce to provide you with more of those things you believe and desire. But if those things focused upon are limited by a restricted belief system, then you are living in a limited reality. Do you see?

    And so when you strive to find your next step, and you seek for it to become more, then do not stop looking so quickly. Do not become frustrated in the process and block your flow of what other things might come to you. When you hit one wall and then another, take a break. Take a breather. And then begin again after you have been able to clear your mind for a time. This allows you to step out of one vibration and into another.

    Take a Break to Reset, Pause

    Sometimes, a pause is the next best step to take. This will allow a reset to occur. A reset of what is flowing in and to you. It need not be that difficult. Just allow enough time for this reset to occur. And then you can begin again.

    And so, be happy and fruitful. Know all you desire is there awaiting connection. Seek, therefore, to be in synchronistic alignment so each small component might be recognized. In this way, all the puzzle pieces more readily fit together to create a whole and complete picture. In so doing, you gain access to what has been energetically available to you all along.

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