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Mind and Ego: Avoid the Daily Dramas, Stay Empowered and Aware

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    When you recognize that your mind and ego often rule the day, does this realization change how you see this life and all that is underway? Know that when you think thoughts that are not aligned as they might be that you have stepped out of alignment and into another state of being. Do you see when you stay in a negative thought process, you lessen your ability to connect within and to those forces outside of you that would encourage your redirection?

    Know that all of life is waiting and does await your intended focus as you move one way or the other. You are directing all within your focused pathway of intention to align. You see, you craft all that occurs within your immediate surroundings. You could say that you have willed all around you to come into being. Do you recognize this? Now, manifest all you desire to bring forward into the nowness of this time.

    Do so this day. Do so with purpose, purposeful conviction, and purposeful awareness. Do not become distracted by the many dramas that present themselves to you with their dramatic endeavors. Know these are not your doings and not within your scope or realm of control. Control and oversee what you can change. And that begins within.

    Daily Dramas

    Do you see that you can orchestrate many things to become known in your future? You can focus and align to manifest and strengthen these ponderings as you set the stage for what will grow into your tomorrow. But know, too, many things vie for your attention. Alternate realities seek to be recognized and for you to be drawn into the drama they might evoke.

    Mind and Ego

    The mind and ego seek to engage you, too, as that is their modus operandi (M.O.), or intentioned purpose. So you might see if you can become aware of the pure folly they would present within your day. Recognize what you need to see. You see, they are needy and want to maintain control. They want to direct how you enact your next steps.

    When you engage with the thoughts that float in and out of your mind, you anchor them a bit more to your present moment. You reinforce them with your focused attention. In the anchoring, your vibrational mix changes too. Now you do not resonate as before this or that thought entered in. You resonate differently than before. This is why present-moment awareness is so key to all you seek to create in this life. All those things you want to occur within the day can go off-track if you do not recognize where your focus resides. So be sure to monitor and maintain awareness by remaining vigilant.

    When you are aware of distracting diversions, might you move into a meditative mode? Seek to slow the mind when you recognize what is underfoot. Sleep is also a good way to shift into a better mental space. Sleep provides a break in the routine and allows for a reset to occur. Turn off the mental chatter by taking a brief catnap. Do so when you need a positive mood adjustment. It’s a good option to employ when you find it difficult to detach from the mind’s influence.

    Do what feels best to you. Find what works as you develop and grow your practice. See what works best to redirect the mind, keeping negative thoughts at bay. Those thoughts do not serve you. Realign to operate from a more preferred mental vantage when you do so.

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