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Why Course Corrections Matter

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    course corrections

    Have you ever wondered about those course corrections we’ve discussed previously? Do you know how they work and their inherent value? Why should you want to acknowledge, engage, and implement signs which are precursors to a course correction — sooner rather than later? And what are some of the steps we allude to which will begin to activate that internal shift to more readily occur? We reference here the internal shifts a course correction enlists.

    Do you understand that a course correction comes in many forms? It can come in the form of a change in your job or lifestyle, an illness, or a disease. It can be experienced through the loss of something cherished or appear as a perceived problem. It can also be a nuance you didn’t expect to appear or some unwanted condition now a part of your life.

    Course corrections are often seen as unwelcome components as they are the harbinger of change. They are not usually seen as gifts, but they are exactly that. It’s when you can recognize the gift given — holding this perspective —  that shifts can occur. For now, you are looking at life through a different lens than before.

    How To Avert Course Corrections

    You see, so often, there are some easy things you can do to avert course corrections. Easy, in that you can begin developing your practice before the course correction appears. Do some small things now to buoy yourself up and align in a more preferred way so that when these course corrections appear, you are not befuddled by them. 

    Implement steps now while not being fully immersed in the day-to-day process of what that course correction elicits. Rather, might you enact what feels right, relevant, and perhaps even mitigate the course correction altogether? You can do this by looking for signs along the way that hold a different understanding. This occurs when you are consciously aware and present within your day. As a result, you see things differently as your perspective changes. Look for signs along the way and see what these signs offer as you view life occurrences differently. 

    What Thoughts Do You Hold for Your Future

    Sometimes, one’s future does not fall into the imaginings held previously. In other words, how have you visualized your future to unfold? Does your future adjust and change accordingly? When you’ve mapped out each thing that might occur, do you see the difficulty for those other (more preferred) things to enter in? And when occurrences don’t elicit all you thought they would, what then? Do you engage the mind or ego to help you determine your next more logical or best step? But might you consider engaging a different methodology instead?

    Or have you not outlined many future considerations at all? Have you “winged” it as you’ve traversed your life’s journey? This might also pose its own unique limitations for how does Universe know what you want if you haven’t given clarity to this point?

    Engage from Your Heart Center

    Now, as you ponder your next step, engage from your heart center as opposed to that mental part of you. Engage from the heart center to enact those long-term or forgotten objectives. Those you crafted before you took on a physical form. Engage from that vantage by merely placing your focus upon your heart space, and then enter into a short meditation or contemplative moment. 

    Create A Welcoming Space

    It is important at this point to say that you must disengage the mental activity first. And that may be a process of measure. For how often have you been able to release and disengage the mind effectively?

    Sit now and consider how long you are able to keep mental thoughts at bay. How long can you keep random thoughts from engaging and entering into the cue of your contemplations? Do you understand what we discuss here? You must create a blank mental canvas to allow more to enter in.

    And so, we would say your initial objective might be to develop a personal practice of contemplation that will shift your mind out of its mental engagement. Shift it into another space so you might engage insights from another Part of you. That Unseen part of you which awaits engagement. Enlist that Part of you which can only be accessed when you are mentally still and have become centered. And so might we begin from this posture as you seek first to become centered and grounded in the day.

    Become Grounded and Centered

    Grounding is the important step that we seek for you to focus on now. Grounding will allow you to become active, vital, and vibrant yet in a more preferred way. In this way, you can engage all you seek from an anchored perspective. One that is aligned with the heart space and your heart center. It is from this posture that you might begin anew. It is in this space that you might express gratitude for all that is — as you now frame the day.

    Each thing will move you forward and progress your steps differently than before. The value here is that you may be able to avoid certain course corrections altogether. When you align from this space, you can recognize and receive alternate signs which exist and await your recognition. They have been there and have been about you all along.

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