Do You Feel Off – the Best Way to Restore Wholeness

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    when off, seek wholeness

    Do you feel off, out of sorts, or like something’s missing? Do you wonder why things don’t add up, or why you don’t comprehend something others seem to grasp right away? Do you recognize a need to restore wholeness? See these things as a means of recognition for what was originally complete and whole. Resolve and bring greater clarity into play. In this way, you are able to easily plug the gaps and make this life easier, more effortless, and carefree.

    Meditation or Contemplation

    So if you feel off and out of sorts, perhaps it stems from some component that remains incomplete within. Shine a light on what was previously not recognized. Listen and engage the understandings we share here. Might you also consider taking deep breaths and enlisting our meditation to regain and restore wholeness? Uncover and discover why you might feel out of sorts and not operating at the peak of your game.

    Bring full circle and complete what you set out to know so long ago by enlisting the next best steps. Consider contemplation or meditation. What feels right and resonates as true for you? Take the steps that will move you closer to all you seek to discover. Connect to the original purpose premise you established once long ago. Your quest then and now is to understand more.

    Stop the Rounds of Incarnation

    When you initiate and enact your purpose or reason for being, you’ll stop the tethering component that keeps you incarnating here. Look to restore what was once whole. It is the wholeness you seek.

    Look within for inner confirmation as you determine if these words ring true for you. Remove the shackles and blockages that may have slowed your steps earlier. Seek to become whole so you can enact more. Quench your thirst when you discover what is described.

    Off or Incomplete

    If you feel off or incomplete, might you consider recognition as the first step? In my life, I’ve found working with computers a bit challenging. I’ve always felt I couldn’t grasp technology and readily missed seeing easy signs along the way. I couldn’t quite grasp or comprehend all the steps necessary to make this sort of work fun. So I’ll ask, do certain tasks, projects, or undertakings ever make you feel like something is just out of reach or unattainable?

    The first step is to recognize when you or your objectives are off. Is your comprehension off? Recognition and awareness are key. If you keep pushing through negative moments instead of resolving an unwanted situation, you remain feeling a bit off rather than moving a puzzle piece back into place. Start filling in the missing pieces today.

    Wholeness First

    Let’s consider wholeness. Are there missing components that would restore wholeness to your life? Would these components change how you see things? As you place your attention there, can you see what’s off or missing? Embrace this off thing as something attainable; something you can correct or restore. Consider each shortcoming in a whimsical way garnering renewed value when doing so. Each thing that’s off or even lacking from your life can now take on a new understanding. See each shortcoming differently.

    Your awareness here is key. This is why recognition, attention, and intention are so vitally important. How can anything be made whole if you don’t see what is amiss? When you don’t see what you’ve been gifted to see.

    Think of these missing components like missing pieces to a very old and priceless jigsaw puzzle. You have to locate all its pieces before you can take in all it seeks to impart. Fitting all the pieces together will bring the whole picture into view. Can you readily determine what is missing? When viewing your life, do you see its outlined borders but are missing what exists at its core or center? If so, are you actively searching for what is currently missing?

    Missing Pieces

    Is it time to find the missing pieces to your puzzle?

    Your Soul was once whole, but during earlier times, It lost components of Itself in order to minimize Its losses. And so there was a fracturing and diminishment of what was once whole. Think of this as a means of cutting Its losses in those earlier times. And so now, when certain things feel difficult or unattainable, consider these things as guideposts or clues. Then sit and contemplate upon all of this in a whimsical way. Contemplate here in order to restore the wholeness you seek. Enlist meditative steps to complete your puzzle.

    Restore Wholeness Meditation

    Engage this meditation to restore wholeness and inner alignment. Still the mind when you are ready to restore and renew. Shift your mind to move more into motion. Now enlist this meditation to begin the restoration process in a significant way.

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