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Tube of Light Energy

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    tube of light energy

    Do you protect your energy? Do you see a value in protecting your physical body? Do you take steps routinely to protect yourself from unknown thugs or assailants? Does an assailant need to be someone or something you can see? What about those things you cannot see? Might you seek protection from all things that do not have the highest and best objectives underway for you? 

    Energy to Protect

    And what about your energy? Is there a reason to protect it? Is it important to steadfastly look to protect something so intangible as energy?

    Energy Leeches

    The Elders have shared their insights regarding energy leeches. We held a workshop in January where we focused a good deal of time on them. In our next book, Given in Love, the Elders share about those beings who some might call the devil. And they discuss those who have been possessed by an evil spirit. These are those they call crawlers. They come in and out in an unseen way and not in a higher way.

    They attach to physical beings so they can understand what they want to discover without incarnating here. I’ve also been told that they are not highly attuned. They are those who were touched upon in a movie years ago called The Exorcist starring Linda Blair. I don’t recommend watching it, but share more here for clarification and use it as a point of reference. 

    What Are Crawlers

    These crawlers are here unlawfully. They sidestep the formalities in play on Earth and enter outside of the protocols that others have followed. They cheat the system because they don’t want to play by the rules. They are a scary lot and so this tube of white light is a means to protect yourself from what you cannot see. 

    Do you recognize that you need protection from what you cannot see? These things seek to waylay you. They want to impose what they want to understand upon you. Do you see that in life, there are those that are physical but there are also those that are non-physical? And what is referenced here are those things you need protection from. Take simple steps today to protect yourself from what cannot be seen.

    Tube of Light Energy

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