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Why does the Mind Need to Define

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    Why Must Each Thing Be Defined

    Do you wonder why there is such a need to define each and every-thing that comes into view? Whether it is good or bad, necessary or not, purposeful or not, and so it goes. Do you realize in your assessment of each thing, you diminish other roles this thing could play within your life? Do you seek to limit each in this way or is its diminishment unintentional?

    When You Define

    Do you see, in so doing, the potentiality of this thing has been diminished? Its limited scope will continue to be your perception of it until you discover things are not as you once presumed. It is when you release the need to define (it) that another understanding can become known. Now recognize multiple options are in play. In this allowing, you surrender in the realization of what more might become realized by you. And so, do reflect and recognize that all is not as you may have originally surmised. Now you can consider another understanding when you release your hold and allow something more to be perceived.

    Contemplation or Meditation

    And so, when something new enters your life and you are puzzled by its entrance, seek clarity through contemplation, meditation, prayer, or some other means. Perhaps what it portends is not what you would normally embrace. So stop and enlist stillness. Ask to be given components of its purpose and those other things it might potentially offer. In this way, you are able to see more than you might have before.

    All life seeks to fulfill your every desire and your expectations of how this or that is to be. If you hold thoughts that embrace a preferred outcome, then you draw in what is wanted instead. But if you hold dreaded thoughts in your mind’s eye, those things are drawn to you. Choose your thoughts wisely.

    Begin in Gratitude

    Seek always to begin and end your day in gratitude. Find the mystery in all you encounter. Even those things you perceive to be negative. Can you locate a more positive perspective to engage? Might you try this out today? Look upon each new thing and even those unwanted components that are already a part of your day. If you find them to be unpreferred, will you look again to see what appears when you are in a more contemplative mode? This thing you have an aversion to might also provide something of value. Might you look to find its beneficial components? So look again to see what unexpected gift this thing might impart.

    Change Your Perspective

    When you change your perspective and see things from a different vantage, you can view things from a revised posture. Now move with a greater awareness of other offerings in play. Look to see what awaits your recognition as you seek a renewed perspective.

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