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Focus on What is Wanted, Nothing Else

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    your focus is key
    Your Focus is Key

    Too often, the mind focuses on life from a position of lack, rather than the abundance offered by the Universe. In that offering, so much can be gleaned. In fact, so much can move from that space into attainment in all things. You came here to experience life. 

    Yet within life experience, many felt something else when incorporating what they saw out-pictured in family circumstances. Were you born into something preferred or not?  When your early life plays within the mental loop of the mind’s eye, what do you see? The mind will bait and continually seek to engage you in its loop of thinking.

    What about Ego

    When ego joins in, well, it will take you on a journey. Ego and its drama will seek to play a bit of havoc. In years past, your ego was a source of protection. All scenarios were mentally played out so that harmful situations could be anticipated, quickly averted, and learned from in future dealings.

    Now many of the trappings which existed in humanity’s history are not within the realm of possibility today. They are no longer viable. Sin was the result of choices made that were not of a high vibration. Unless you accept and believe in the trappings of sin, atonement as karma might suggest, and the like, well, all are man-made understandings. Yet society has deemed them as they do in the judgment attributed to each undertaking.

    These judgments suggest that choices were not made in alignment with their God Source. When you came into this lifetime to experience life, who is to say what was right or wrong? Each thing was an experience that made you feel a certain way. Did it make you feel happy or not so good to do this or that?

    Many paths were created for you to have a certain experience here on Earth prior to your birth. In that regard, how would you know true love without experiencing something that was not that? If you only knew loving situations, would you know Love’s true expanse? You needed to know its opposite or its converse energy to fully know what you had found.

    Time Does Not Exist as You May Believe

    Beyond physical form, time is not. So where it feels like you are here for an eternity, one exists for mere moments within this physical space. There is no time where you came from. There, transitions and incarnations are fleeting. Much shifts in the blink of an eye.

    Recognize that time is illusionary and as such, you are here but a brief time. Take advantage of your time here as it too is a gift. Do not take for granted all that you might do. Or those things that you do not do today for tomorrow is another day. Do not miss today and its many opportunities. See each day and life as the gift and treasure that it is.

    So there is no waiting. Only anticipation of what is and might be.

    Focus to Discover Your Hidden Treasures

    All the tools you need, known as your treasures, are waiting for you to call them into being. Call them into this physical plane. They exist for your use and they await your focused desire to make them manifest today. Your call compels the answer. It is how you ask that is most key, do you see? Much does require your right or aligned thinking. As energetically, you must be in alignment with what you seek.

    Do you see that your energy must be congruent with the vibration you want to bring forward and manifest? Yes, you must be in resonance with it. Focus here not there.

    There must be an energetic match to it to bring it into your life today. Align, focus, and watch that dynamic grow and flourish within your life.

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