Gifts, Make This Your Last Incarnation – #3

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    Last incarnation - gifts

    Gifts in Time

    Do you recognize that you have the right to draw in the gifts you’ve created in other lifetimes? Do you also realize that you have the right to acquire them today as they are already the property of your Soul? These are energetic creations you can’t see. They are those things you’ve ascertained from learning a skill that you have previously honed to near perfection. 

    When you’ve acquired gifts from actions taken in other times … in other lifetimes, don’t you believe that you have a right to utilize them today? Since they are the property of your Soul, why shouldn’t you be able to claim their bountifulness at any time? So set the intention to lay claim to what is rightfully yours.

    Pull Out All the Stops

    I love the vintage car example they shared in their July 16th update. Here they suggest pulling out all the stops. Utilize those resulting gifts without restriction. Isn’t it time to pull out all the stops as you put your objectives into play? Consider and plan to do so today. Consider now what is underway. What is it that you want to enact, do or be?

    Recognize it is time to do so. Lay claim to what you want to garner and gain. Do you see this time as a one of possibility and promise? This is the time when more can be enacted. Simply be willing to dip your toes into the water of flow and change. Then jump in with both feet as you make this lifetime all that it can be. Make it count in an immeasurable way. Now check out the third installment video of this six-part series to make this update your own.

    Last Incarnation - Gifts

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