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Make This Your Last Incarnation – #2

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    Last Incarnation

    I found this second update to be a bit mystical. I repeatedly listened to what the Elders shared so this can be the last incarnation.


    Last incarnation: They were imparting insights on bringing your energetic gifts into being. Bringing in those things we developed in earlier times. They are components and the property of our Souls. These gifts are gleaned over the many lifetimes that we’ve lived. In each lifetime, we accomplish and grow our abilities. It is our right to take possession of all gifts that were created in other times … other lifetimes. They are each the Soul’s property. And that’s what this #2 video clip discusses. 

    The Elders are saying that we must want to reconnect to the gifts gained from these other times. They are ours to claim. Give them the fertile ground needed so they can grow in a substantive way. Cultivate and allow for their expansion. And, too, the beliefs held should not encumber all that might otherwise be.

    Become Conscious

    Become conscious. It also seems that they suggest how we must make a conscious effort, a conscious proclamation to allow that entrance in. In other words, we have to announce to Universe that we want access to what we have already energetically inspired and created. We must claim it by pronouncing that we want these gifts to be a part of our being and world.

    They also suggest that we need desire, conviction and to be resolute. During the time we are to spend here on this Earth, we might make our objectives purposeful and intentional. We are not, let’s say, to drift through the day but to see each thing become enacted intentionally. In this way, more can be. 

    Dual Meaning

    Do you see the dual meaning in knowing this is it? But the one significant to our discussion now is to know we don’t need the many things that we mentally think we do. Less than more is necessary to enact our purpose. It is simply to be in that space of knowing what it means to feel while understanding the emotions that are cued when doing so.

    It’s so much simpler to access what is wanted when we place the mind out of its position of prominence and power. It’s because the mind often waylays us. Seek clarity by remaining consciously aware along the way. Do so by shelving the mind for a time.

    The emotional and feeling dynamic is what was unknown prior to incarnating here. Yet, know that once we gain a degree of understanding, we will more easily find what we sought to know once upon a time. What was wanted won’t be as difficult to ascertain. Certainly not as difficult as the mind would suggest. Recognize the mind is not your friend in spiritual pursuits. 

    Discover the insights regarding the feeling component…the things that we feel so deeply here. Once these discoveries are understood in a deeper way, we will be able to move more consciously and aware than ever before.

    Remember, move in a way to make this your last incarnation.

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