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How to Stop the Rounds of Incarnation

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    Stops Rounds of Incarnation


    Do you wonder about life here and the rounds of incarnation that seem to be occurring? Do you wonder if this premise is real and how to determine when enough is enough? Why are we here anyway and what’s this life all about? If you believe yourself to be an old Soul … well, this may be true. Let’s take a moment to discover more.

    There is so much variety in this life and in your life. Do you see the endless opportunities and possibilities or do you spend your time looking back? When you look back at what’s occurred, especially those negative things, your focus shifts from here to there and you are no longer present in this moment. When you enact preemptive steps, what then? Let’s say you are taking certain steps so that a repeat of what was before will not be once again. Let’s consider this premise a bit more.

    Focused Attention

    Do you see that your focused attention will draw what you align with and to? Your focus will bring those undesired things to your doorstep. It is almost as if you are putting out a welcome mat in the expectation of what surely is now to be.

    Your thoughts serve as a magnet, pulling all that you do not desire to you by your focused attention. Now these energetic ponderings will again appear because you are letting Universe know, through your intense concentration, that this is what you want more of. More of this, that, and the other. But if your objective is not to have something undesired repeat itself in your future, then take some easy steps today to make that objective tangible and real.

    The Law of Attraction

    The Law of Attraction suggests you will draw in the energy that you keep. That means your focused attention will draw to you what you gaze upon and what you think about. That’s how it works. You see, Universe believes you surely wouldn’t think about those things you do not want. Why would you? You’ve come here to experience what you like, love, and want to understand.

    So here you are, doing some work to make sure what you don’t like doesn’t return. Yet, you seem to be doing the exact opposite by the choices you have made to focus here and there. It’s because of your focus that you draw in exactly what you do not want more of.

    Rounds of Rebirth

    What about rebirth and reincarnation? Is that possible? Is your intention to make this the best life? Is it possible to manifest all you prefer so that you have an abundant and bountiful life? Is it time to ensure you move effectively toward that objective? There is no limitation or lack within Universe so why think in terms of these lesser things? Your focus can call in greater or lesser aspects. Which do you prefer?

    So what do you believe deep down? What is the point of this, that, or the other when many of your expectations are less than you had hoped or wanted them to be? Do you see that it is how you posture your thoughts that this or that reality will come into existence? And why do you believe you’re here anyway?

    Meditation – Still the Mind

    So how do you spend your free time? Do you sit in meditation or seek to still the mind? Is your mental focus one that brings about more abundance or something else? Now is the time to begin developing that muscle of inner fortitude. Now is the time to begin developing aspects that you cannot see but they can be felt. Now is the time to move in a way of limitless measure. Move with expectation and urgency. Move in an unparalleled way. Move to discover more today than you knew yesterday.

    Join us at the Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta on August 10th. Find the answers to these and other questions as you learn the premise of your purpose. Think of today as one of promise, possibility, and all that might now exist. Think this way rather than any other.

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