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How to Make This the Last Incarnation, #4

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    last incarnation

    Make this the last incarnation by discovering why your Soul chose to embody. Is it time to discover who you are and what you came here to enact? So much awaits our realization and that’s what this week’s blog post is all about. Be sure to sign up and subscribe to the Advanced Energetics YouTube channel to receive the next installment.

    My mission is a bit more than most. It’s taken me a while to get my arms around it. So, as I ask, “Who am I?”, might you also ask the same?

    Make this Your Last Incarnation

    Is it time to make this your last incarnation? I’m told that most who were already incarnating during my first incarnation are still embodying today. That means this message and its underlying premise have not yet had the fertile ground in which to springboard into a greater degree of awareness.

    It’s time for that awareness to become known. You see, we’ve been incarnating for quite a time and more time, as the Elders would say. And it is time to recognize that we will continue to do so until we get about why we chose to incarnate. It’s why our Souls wanted to have this Earth experience. It doesn’t have to be a big elaborate thing. It’s simply that more was wanted to be understood. 

    Imagine, too, when you’ve had a difficult time in one lifetime or another, that you bring with you a degree of that. It is not for the purpose of making right what is off, but to make whole what is not currently complete. Restore the wholeness which was lost. It’s always about restoring the wholeness that existed once before.

    Do You Push Through What You Don’t Like

    But often we push through what we don’t like and make do with what is. And that doesn’t resolve anything. Quite simply, you are meant to feel your way through this life. When you feel something is off, ask inwardly what that thing is and why it is. You want to ask so there is a means of recognizing what need no longer be. Then, you can start unlayering. I will also say Awaken: The Definitive Guide to Transformative Change is the best resource you can utilize to restore wholeness. 

    But you need to know that you can’t simply read this book. You must take the steps outlined and engage them in a meaningful. Doing the defined steps is a must. It’s imperative to accomplish these shifts as you will be releasing negative, unwanted energetic aspects held within. 

    Is this Earth a Difficult Place to Be

    Do you believe that limitation and lack exist in this Earth space? Well, if you do, release that. And release that concept again and again until this thought and all that springs from this line of thinking is no more.

    I’ll also suggest the statement made in the YouTube video you’re about to hear mentions having a meager life. I believe the Elders are referencing that a life without purpose cannot be all that it might be. If you are living an egoic life or one conjectured and proposed by your mind, then might you see what they suggest? They suggest you’re not living up to the pure potential that would be in play were you to recognize that there is a spiritual objective underfoot. And that objective has remained dormant until perhaps now…

    Move in an Unbounded Way

    The Elders asked me to move in an unprecedented way, and I ask you to do the same. 

    They also referenced the hawk and falcon teaching. It was given to me some time ago. I never shared it publicly. I’ve now started sharing more personal updates, like the one given on July 16, 2023. 

    They suggest that it’s hard to be heard above all the noise found today. They gave me that teaching after I’d been working outside and heard a falcon. Its screech cut through a blowing wind and could be heard above everything. I stopped in my tracks when I heard their mighty call. It was breathtakingly beautiful. 

    Yes, there is most certainly a hunger to discover the Elders’ understandings. I’ve seen it across this country. From coast to coast, there is a strong desire to discover more in a spiritual way. But there is a degree of unlayering that might be helpful to have happen first. You see, there’s a need for what has remained buried to resurface.

    Become the Mental Monitor

    The Elders are so very wise. They see how the mind seeks to redirect, and when not tuning in often, the mind works to redirect our actions since that’s how it works. 

    I have to digress now to mention a YouTube video created when traveling to Bristol. When it ran as a YouTube short, I wasn’t sure what state it had been recorded in. I would have missed the gift there had I not received a YouTube comment after it became active. They’d asked which twin city I’d been in. It wasn’t until then that I realized I not only didn’t know the state I’d been in but I didn’t even know the true reason I’d been there in the first place.

    It had been one of my first stops during this East Coast road trip. But I have to admit, I’d missed a big step. It wasn’t until I realized I’d already deleted the video that I started to recognize I’d missed asking for more…

    So, in delving into this a bit more, I asked the Elders. It was then I discovered it had been a key lifetime. Not that it was an amazing life but that it impacted so much after its conclusion. Here, a meager lifetime filled with lack had been asked for and given. The problem was there was no desire to know its converse energy. It was simply to know the lesser aspect.

    Suffice it to say that this was a big miss. Don’t let the mind derail what your higher self or those who guide you seek to share. Always tune in and ask for more. Make this a purpose-driven lifetime. Move in an unprecedented way to discover what existed before this Earth journey began. Stay tuned for Part 5 in How to Make This the Last Incarnation. It comes out next Wednesday on our YouTube channel. Sign up and subscribe.

    Make this the last embodiment

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