The Original Purpose Explained – Why Am I here?

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    The Original Purpose Explained
    Why am I here? Your Greater Purpose Says It All

    Have you wondered about your purpose? And specifically, have you wondered about having a greater purpose? We suggest here it’s a spiritual one. One that you may have lost track of. And maybe even what the difference is between having a life purpose and an original one? This is the thing that caused your Spiritual Essence to want to incarnate here. Quite frankly it’s why you are here.

    Feel Your Way Through Life

    Enact Your Purpose

    You see, in the spiritual world, there is not the ability to feel as we do. And it is through the feeling component that so much is understood. There was a curiosity about what it would be like to come into form and feel. It is the feeling component that gives a flavor of what something is. It is to understand good and bad by the way certain things make you feel. The feeling component is very significant in this way. 

    Taking embodiment and experiencing life is the best way to fully understand as there is truly no way to really describe a feeling beyond the experience. That’s why good and bad things are to be experienced here. It’s because it gives you a greater range of understanding. It gives you a depth of understanding. It gives, then, the ability to know more deeply how this thing, which was not understood initially, the means to become known.

    Life is a bit funny that way. There is so much more to living than might be understood otherwise. That may sound funny, but imagine how the things you feel make such a big impact on your life. How you react and how your life moves forward are big indicators too. Many times, what you choose to embrace, believe, and want to stay away from is determined by how you feel in relation to an experience held. Does this make sense? Do you understand what I’m saying here? 

    And so this life and each life is meant to be lived by consciously employing the feeling component. What it moves you to believe or not, even when there is more to the understanding you perceive. 

    Enact Your Purpose

    enact your purpose

    The third book within the Purpose Trilogy, Enact Your Purpose now found in the Greater Purpose book, speaks on this subject at great length. It discusses why you are not the mind or your thoughts. That understanding always seemed a bit hard for me to grasp but now I understand that the body is the whole package. The mind regulates and relegates much within the body within a day. It makes sense that it wants to control as many things as possible. 

    So now the objective is to regain that control and treat the mind as the tool it was established to be. To choose different thoughts to think when it suggests things that are not uplifting or good-natured. To redirect this thinking (your thinking) by introducing other thoughts that feel better. So stay focused on those things that are uplifting as opposed to what it might suggest.

    And finally, employ steps to move the mind off and away from its position of power. A number of our YouTube videos are meditations that do just that. Try one out and see where it leads. These are the means to begin regaining that control mentioned. Know that this is a big undertaking and may take some time … time to recognize what I’m saying here. We’re in a mind game most of the time. Especially when you put off meditating because you can’t seem to slow it long enough to do so. Might you pause now to listen to what the Elders share about the original purpose and why you chose to come here?

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