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How to Make this the Last Incarnation #5

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    last incarnation

    Have you been following our posts on how to make this the last incarnation? This is the fifth installment, and it shares an important consideration. You see, the Elders, beings of pure consciousness and infinite awareness, share these insights. Their insights are unmistakably compelling and the means for you to move in a purposeful way.

    The Last Incarnation

    Why should you care about having another incarnation versus making this the last one? Do you realize that you have been coming here for quite a while? Yet, this is not your long-term home. And you will continue to come to this temporary home until you enact what your Soul set out to understand while living in this domain. You see, you have a purpose. If you follow our posts, you know these insights are meant to enable a bubbling up to occur. This is a most meaningful endeavor and the means to experience life differently. Might you consider, making this the last incarnation?

    The Feeling Component

    A big takeaway for me is the depth to which we feel here. Feelings experienced are felt in a bigger way than initially understood or anticipated. Quite simply, feelings are felt differently here. There’s a difference between what is felt here compared to when we were pure essence. Feelings there aren’t felt as intensely as they are felt here. Here, we feel more deeply … down to our core.

    And so, those who entered into “the agreement” thought they knew what it meant to feel. Yet they did not know what they had not been able to realize here in this space. And how can you know what to anticipate when you don’t really know what you’ve agreed to? Know that we are each on our own unique mission. And each purposeful endeavor is oh-so-significant. Each is exceptionally important.

    last incarnation

    Conviction & Fire

    The Elders are from the Energy of Love. They have a conviction and fire that is powerful. Do you have a conviction or a burning desire in you … in your Soul? Do you believe you are to do something important or even grand in this lifetime? Isn’t it time to ignite a fire of desire so you can move in an unprecedented way?

    Trapped Here

    Do you recognize that more of you exists than what can be seen in the mirror each day? Do you feel somehow you don’t belong here? Do you feel misunderstood and ready to discover more? Is it time for intangibles to become known? This is the time to move within. Recognize that there is more than can be seen.

    Move in ways that will redirect you back to your Soul’s original objective in coming to this planet. Their objective was to understand what was previously not understood. Are you ready to dive and delve into discovering more? Seek to know more here for this is truly the pathway home.

    Don’t remain trapped, embodying here. Free yourself from the rounds of incarnation by moving to enact what your Soul wanted and still wants to discover. Nothing can be gained without a degree of effort, a degree of wanting, or a degree of knowing that more is yet to be.

    The Elders & My Soul

    The Elders are not a part of my unseen entourage that some know as guardian angels. This is not that. The Elders came here on a mission. They came to remind humanity that they have forgotten who they are. The Elders sought and do now seek to remind us that we are divinity. We, our Souls, are divine. And we have a spark of that divinity within. Our Soul is this divinity. It is our connection to the divine and gives us direction, guidance, and oversight.

    And so, the Elders are a group of incredible, Loving beings that stood behind my Soul. The energetic key I hold allows me to receive their communications. It’s because of my Soul that this is possible.

    Steps Taken

    Do your steps move you in a purposeful way? Since receiving this update, I’ve redirected my steps to move more in step with these objectives. The Elders suggest that I not engage this purpose-driven objective in a fanciful way but in a way of conviction and fire. And I fully agree. Thus, my life has taken on a new purpose and meaning.

    So now I ask what you want and how you seek to move. Do you want to know your purpose? Do you move toward it and then away from it? Can you stick with this objective and not become distracted by the many things the mind suggests? Stay intently focused on what you inwardly seek to know.

    It wasn’t until I made this my #1 priority that things began to shift and change in a more productive way. What about you?

    Your Purpose Is a Big Deal

    What you wanted to understand may have been a big or little understanding. But until you figure out what that is, you will remain here. You will continue returning, per the Agreement, to experience more here. Your purpose is a big deal, especially if you want to make this your last incarnation.

    The Full Immersion Experience

    Have you watched the movie The Matrix? It starred Keanu Reeves and presents a version of reality or an alternate reality. It has some compelling points to consider. 

    Might you consider this premise too? Have you ever gone to an amusement park to experience the rides and the overall flavor of a theme park? When planning this outing, did you ask your family or friends to go to the parking lot with you and wait until you returned?

    That’s what the Elders did for my Soul. They have waited for more time than I care to know. They have been steadfastly waiting for my Soul to emerge through the exit gates.

    And, for many lifetimes, my Soul didn’t recognize the Elders. The “full immersion experience” blocks all recall. Do you get the sense that your Soul asked for this sort of experience too?

    I’m so grateful that we are where we are but it hasn’t been without a degree of effort. Is it time for you to do the same?

    Our Incarnation Series

    If you missed last week’s video, watch it now. Here is the fifth installment as you consider making this your last incarnation. Might you listen now?

    last incarnation

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