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10 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams

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    Are you ready for your days to be different so you can manifest your dreams? And when true manifestation is sought, do you know what it is that you seek to bring forward? Do you know what will need to be implemented so that you turn the corner on achieving this objective? Let us delve into this a bit and see what you believe is possible as we look to enable these objectives to spring forth in a significant way.

    Life today is challenging. There is much to do and accomplish. You see others move about with seeming ease and you wonder why life sometimes seems so difficult when others move and accomplish those seemingly hard-to-achieve things. Have you wondered and worried why this seems to be so?

    Manifesting Your Dreams is Possible

    And so this day, let us say that all is attainable. All is possible. All is within reach. Do you see, that when you believe what you want that those things can more readily move into manifestation than ever before? They can move into cue and into position from another realm where they await entry. You can do this by creating thought forms. 

    What are thought forms and why are they essential to what is wanted? You see thought forms set into motion what you seek to manifest here. They are created from the intentions you establish. And so, let us share a bit more now.

    Have you Heard of Thought Forms

    Thought forms spring into being when you establish an intention. When you think about something in a quizzical way, a way of wondering, a way of wonderment, this thing begins to take form in another dimension. As you focus upon it, it grows in significance and strength. Let us say, that it grows in substance. Then, as you think about it again, later in the day or perhaps at the start of the next day, when you place your focus there yet again, you grow it. You move it into being more quickly the more you do so. It grows into more than it was the day before. 

    And this is where you might place your focus as you begin your day. Begin with gratitude as you frame the day in a significant way. Set yourself up for a better day than might otherwise be when you start your day by creating a balanced platform of understanding. Let the day know your preferences and intent. Establish your meditational practice in this way. 

    Now your day can be different as you are allowing the day to know that you have an intention for it to manifest. And the day will move and yield to accomplish what you desire. Know each thing must be done from a state of feeling your preferences and knowing that each desired objective is most attainable. They are most accessible by the thoughts you keep. Positive reinforcement is key. 

    Now you have planted seeds that will grow and mature when you continue to water and nourish them. Plant only those things that enable your preferred preferences to move into form. Your focus will grow what you seek to find. Do so at the start of your day or throughout it.

    And now, add feeling to the mix. How would it feel to have this desired thing? How does this thing add value to your life? What positive points can you add to the mix of your considerations? What positive and valued points can be considered as you muse upon this, yet not that? Do not give any focus to what is not preferred or unwanted. Do not fixate on any negative considerations to cancel out what you have now set into motion.

    Do you see that your focus will draw in all you desire? It is that sometimes you get distracted and place your focus where it need not be. Now go about your day in a magical sort of way knowing that more can be as you begin to manifest each thing into being this day. 

    1. Focus on those desired things
    2. Create thought forms
    3. Develop and grow your meditational practice
    4. Set the framework for your day
    5. Frame the day
    6. Employ positive thinking
    7. Begin the day in gratitude
    8. Grow your thought forms by the focus you keep
    9. Only focus on your manifestations’ positive attributes
    10. Add feeling to the mix

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