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Is Your Purpose Your #1 Priority

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    align to find your purpose

    Is it time to make your purpose your number one priority? Might you know that more can be this day when you seek such understandings? More can be when you willingly seek for the more which exists outside and beyond your mental knowingness. Do you see that more awaits there and is within reach, but you must extend your hand to access it? You must seek to reach for more in a way of wanting. Do you see that this is true for your purpose?

    For your knowingness must be sought and not stumbled upon. There must also be that innate wanting or craving for more to be. Do you see? For it is in this way that you then intrinsically know of that deeply held desire you once had. Your purpose was once your desire and wanting to know more. It was to know something to such an extent that this thing moved you to enter into this earth platform of awareness.

    That is so because It is here where you are able to know more by feeling your way through this life. You see, by wanting something to this extent and in this way, you can access a greater depth of understanding than you could have known when not physically placed.

    Your Purpose is the Reason You Are Here

    You see you came from spiritual essence and so it took coming into a body and experiencing this life to truly understand how this thing you did not understand … how this thing would feel. And in the physicality in which you find yourself now, isn’t it time to get about and discover what you once thought so important that you moved into this earthly dimension?

    Do you see this and the role of your purpose? Does this make sense to you? And so, seek to connect to this level of desire, then you will move as if nothing else matters. You will move in a way of certainty and wonderment, for this desire is strong. But you must want it – you must want to remember. This newly found intent will propel your steps as never before. Now you will seek a level of knowingness which is not the desire of ego but rather a heart-centered one. When you engage from the heart space first, more can be. 

    Shift to Align so Your Purpose Might Be Known

    And so, this is what we seek to impart. And it is that when you seek from the heart space first, your days will be different. Your intentions will be different. Your alignment will be different. Now all will align and move you forward into a different space. Your life journey will shift in the process. When you frame your life this way, your new ordering will move you toward those things of value as you engage in a heart-centered way. And in that wanting, in that level of knowingness, more will be. Do you see?

    This thing has been a long-held objective. Yet the mind has not deemed this understanding to be as significant as other considerations. You see these desires do not originate from the mind. And so, seek to slow the mind and move it out of the way. Move it out and beyond to contemplate other avenues and profferings.

    And so this day, move mountains, manifest more, and bring forward all you seek in a more aligned way because now you move forward the objectives you sought to understand once perhaps long ago. Seek this and maybe not that. Move this way and perhaps not in another. Be in a more balanced space so that more might be. Align as never before and in that alignment know that more can be as you engage in this way rather than any other.

    And so it is.

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