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Love Impacts All

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    Love is the Underlying Key

    Do you recognize that Love impacts all things? Do you see how this could be the missing ingredient within the mix of a day? Do you agree that this energy can transform and change your life? And here we refer to Universal Love.

    We would say that life has its twists and turns. All are learning or continuing to experience and learn here. Some believe they must move in a more radical yet exclusive manner to assist others. They see their way and thought process as the only one of merit and value. Some become lost in such delusionary thinking.

    Know that one way is not the exclusive way. Many alternate realities can get you to where you seek to go. So yes, travel your own path, but do not believe that others cannot reach their destination exclusively through what is believed to be the best or only way.

    Life Choices

    Life choices exist, and when the belief exists that life can be better because of the elimination of another, take another look. In mass shootings, if another believes they can make their own life better by ridding the world of “these other people,” there is a mental disturbance there. It is without merit to think such violence would make the difference such individuals crave. How they might think such occurrences would help alleviate their own mental suffering is lacking merit. We offer this.

    Within your own life choices always stop, pause, and connect to your heart center so you might know if this or that pathway benefits the one, the whole, or any part of life.

    All are Connected

    Since all are connected, reflect on how the death of another or many, might benefit the whole. This would be difficult to do since this cannot be. Where there is a perceived self-benefit or benefits solely for self-gain, then there is not a benefit to all of mankind.

    Release the need to rationalize such acts and move from a space of Love. Draw in Love. Realize that Love is the connecting element that has been missing here. In such occurrences, do you see how the occurrence would cease to be were Love engaged initially? Seek Love first so that other dynamics can come into play. This allows new options to come into view.

    Love Transforms

    Recognize Love as an energy component that not only heals one’s body, but it can also diminish and equalize the energy within a violent storm. It is truly a transformative catalyst for it moves and grows (in a good way) all that comes into contact with it. It is what the world could use more of. Do you agree?

    Universal Love is the component we share here. Move in Love and recognize that this Love can move mountains and restore what is amiss within life.

    This Love can change all within its path. It can fuel your body and quell a storm. Wouldn’t you say that is an energy you might want to learn more about? Within this life, there is so much more that could assist the one or the other to have a better and happier life. Add ingredients that will improve what you have planted. Plant seeds for your future in this way.

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    All is energy, vibration, frequency

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