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Meditation to Find Your Purpose with Universal Love

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    Enter through the rose center

    Are you ready for a meditation that will assist with your purpose? Have you considered using the portal the Elders proposed you employ to gain entrance to your heart space? Recently they recommended envisioning a rose over your heart space while also envisioning a portal of entry there. In that update, they shared how this alternate and more effective means of connection could be enacted. It was by superimposing a rose over the heart space and entering through its center. In this way, you might find new insights and ultimately your purpose. Are you ready to discover and incorporate just a bit more?

    An Earlier Universal Love Update

    But first I’d like to ask if you’ve tried out this new understanding yet. It’s been a game-changer for me. I listened to that update repeatedly. In listening multiple times, I felt the change this new methodology enabled. I moved the energy through the rose’s center to my heart space and felt an indescribable energy rush in.

    When that happened, my body restored itself for a time. And now, I want to get back to that understanding – to feel it again, and self-heal. I believe this is the gateway to true healing and I want to experience this level of healing daily and routinely. To bring my body back to par and back to its true inner alignment. 

    Connect to Universal Love and experience its healing properties for yourself.

    Heart Meditations

    It is through a heart meditation such as this, and others they’ve shared, that you can bring your day to a different level of play. It is because now you are aligning differently than perhaps you had aligned before. And in that new alignment, you can connect in a new way to what is in play. Connect to energy that buoys up all who come into contact with it. Become the means to anchor, align, and be the one others want to emulate.

    And too, realize that the heart is the means of connection to your Soul. This is where you will want to strengthen the muscle of that connection. Know, too, that all is as it is and awaits your willingness to move into a renewed space of being. Do you know what is meant here?

    Move in an unparalleled way to anchor and grow all that awaits your attention. Be in that space of focused intention so that you can move and be as never before.

    Become the Change

    Do you see when you become the change you wish to see in the world how so many others can benefit from the energy you keep? Become that energy. Become renewed. Be aligned. Be the one that will move more into consciousness and flow.

    Light Energy

    Move Light energy into your being and world. Continue with the flow of bringing in this Light energy. And if you missed that earlier update, click here to experience this game-changing energy for yourself. Move it into your body so you fill and infuse it with something profound and restorative. 

    You’ll want to check to ensure your posture is aligned so you can easily access and integrate this energy. Be sure to sit in a position that is erect. And, too, be receptive to receiving this energy.

    You might listen routinely to this video. In doing so, you will continually reestablish and anchor light energy into your form. This is especially important if your body is in need of healing and restoration.

    Find Your Purpose

    They also describe one’s mission or purpose. Receive understandings relating to your purpose. Move now into that loving space. Allow more to be recognized by you. Sit in the energy of this meditational offering as you discover more.

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