Part 2 – Finding Your Purpose

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    Your purpose is important

    Finding your purpose may be THE most important thing you could possibly know or learn about in this lifetime. You see, it’s why you are here. It’s why you have chosen to live this life. The problem is we’ve forgotten that critical component. Relegated it to not really necessary. And that couldn’t be further from the truth.

    The Elders are my most valued treasure. They are my most trusted resource. I can’t imagine life without them. They’ve allowed me to understand and perceive things from their unique perspective. And give me the time I need to understand what they share. So many nuances can be seen differently when the blinders have been removed. Removal expands a once-limited vista. The Elders are my lifeline – a lifeline I’d like to share with you.

    Search Our Blog Posts

    There are countless posts on the Advanced Energetics website that provide the Elders’ insights and considerations. I’ve found their vantage provides a strategic advantage. It’s profoundly beneficial to look at life from their perspective as it is all-encompassing. Today when many occurrences seem negative, it’s wonderful to have access to an uplifting viewpoint. Their vast vista allows negative occurrences to be considered conversely. To see the world and this life through their lens of understanding is to discover the gifts given throughout this life journey.

    How do you choose to see things? The perspective held is key. When you can envision something in a positive way, you can change how you see the world. And this in return changes how the world can see you.

    Why do I digress in this way when I’m on the second installment of my purpose-driven post? It’s because so often we are precisely where we need to be. We are where we are because of the thoughts we keep and the choices we’ve made. If we believe our yesterdays are all we can experience because that’s all there is, then we have a limited lens and live from a more restrictive reality.

    What I’ve found is that you can be precisely where you need to be … yet easily shift into something more. If you are open to changing things up, you might newly perceive other options that were there all along. It’s when we recognize how individually, we don’t have all the answers; that’s when more appears. We simply can’t see all the options from our more limited field of vision. Yet, when you engage answers from a different vantage, utilizing an unfiltered lens with a 360-degree view, then you can begin to see the bigger picture. This is when you can envision larger-than-life possibilities and their realities. Isn’t that better?

    Why Does It Matter to Know Your Purpose?

    Your unique purpose is important to know because it’s why you originally incarnated here. This is key and will be the focus of our next discussion.

    We chose to come into a human form to experience life on this planet. To better understand some energetic component and its uniqueness. To understand and feel what was not fully understood before we embodied here. However, the rest of this story is that you will continue to incarnate here until you do so.

    Earth’s Densities Matter

    It’s the densities here that allow you to feel what you’ve created. Here you are able to understand what was not previously understood. Right now your spiritual form is contained by your body vessel. And it’s the unique densities experienced on this planet that allow you to feel all you’ve created. You are a co-creator in form. How might you now move to know this elusive purpose? It’s by acknowledging and feeling your way through all of this.

    Choose to Feel Your Way Through This Life

    Do you “check in” inwardly? It’s a good idea to routinely do just that. Sit in stillness and ask inwardly. Then you can confirm if you’ve made good decisions along the way. This will allow you to continue on your journey while confirming where you are actually going as you confirm within.

    Allow your next step to be a better one by making decisions that feel good. Recognize the importance of allowing your feelings to guide you. How do the thoughts you’re thinking feel? Did it feel good to undertake this or that activity? You could say this is how to make conscious decisions. It’s all about the choices made, inner reflection, and trusting your “gut.” The key here is to “check in or verify” where you are in the scheme of things. Various components can change quickly, so check, adjust, and tweak your plans frequently.

    It’s not about being perfect or striving for perfection. If we were meant to be perfect, we wouldn’t be here on this planet. Life is meant to be consciously lived, felt, and acknowledged. Don’t get lost in the maya. Stay aware and on track.

    Remember …

    Your life can be all you desire it to be. Stay present. Stay grounded. Engage as a child in the wonderment of it all. Be positive. And focus on what you want “more of” rather than focusing on its converse.

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