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Set Goals, Intend to Manifest Your Dreams

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    Set Goals, Establish Intentions

    Why establish intentions or goals? What’s the point of that anyway? Does the following text seem too lofty and detached from your daily life to be relevant or do you understand its intent:

    ~Be in the space of not knowing and in this knowing, you will allow a foothold of foundation to move you into a new path. To find what does not have a start or finish as all moves within the flow of that unknown space. In this space, there is no stopping or starting, but one great wave of possibility and potential. You see, the flow will go and go and you will never know from one day to the next the beauty that will come to you next.~

    Know that as you define the steps you want to knowingly take, there are other details you cannot fully know while you are in physical form. They are the small decisions that build upon the other. They allow for what comes from them to become your reality. They turn into your day and ultimately your life.

    Let Universe Fill In the Details

    There are even those requests you unknowingly will send out to Universe. Those details enable Universe to finish your puzzle when you step back and relinquish your desire to maintain complete control. This is when you outline, but don’t fully define each moment. Release their details through surrender.

    This is when all components can fall into place from Universal awareness. You see all is comprised of a vast capability of possibility. You see all is possible, and from your limited awareness, you cannot know all of the potential and alternate realities that might exist for you. You cannot know all that is known by Universe, Source, God…however you define Universal Source Energy.

    When you release or relinquish the controls to what is beyond your knowing, then you allow Universe to complete what has been put into motion. When you allow for another reality, built upon the reality you have outlined, then so much more can be added to the dynamic you have orchestrated when seeking Universal input.

    Create Your Outline – Establish Goals

    The key is to establish your outline. Focus upon the outline as you awaken each morning, and then as frequently as you desire throughout the day. Feel these things as you recognize they already exist. Do you see when you connect to them by feeling them, you further align yourself with these things? You are in unison with each aspect and from that vantage, you send your intention out to Universe to complete them because they are already here. Believe this until you enable all to be so.

    Add Feeling to the Mix

    Feeling and imagination are key as they have significant roles. When you feel what you envision, you align with it energetically. You’ve created the energy equivalent to what you look to accomplish. When you move into imagining what you seek to undertake, while simultaneously feeling your imagine-ings, you align with them in a unique and significant way.

    These combined components are strong ingredients to formulate your creation as you seek to realize your intention. Set your intention. This is the manner in which you hope to bring forward your purpose and reason for being.

    Intentions Keep You on Course

    All are aligned and interwoven. Each undertaking will lead you back to one or the other as you are directed and then re-directed to keep you on course. That is why it is said that there are no mistakes. It is because each will move you back to a more preferred path. A path that will move you once again toward what you have set out to experience in this lifetime. What you wanted to understand more fully before entering your human form.

    So set your intentions as you envision them, feel them. Then your experience will be so much more quickly realized than you can possibly imagine now. You’ll seek and find what you’ve aligned with as each is drawn to you through your unwavering focused attention. Like a magnet, drawing to you as you are drawn to it.

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