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Why Your Purpose Is So Important

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    Finding Purpose is Important

    Have you wondered about your purpose and why it is so important to figure out what it is? Do you ask? Do you know that in the recognition, you will become renewed and empowered in a way unlike any other? It is this that we seek to discuss. In this way, more can become known. 

    Your Purpose & Reason for Being

    You see when you envision and engage to learn why you are here, you will minimize your time spent in the rounds of incarnation. In the rounds that tether you to this and future lives. Moving about in varied activities but not enlisting what you had sought to know or more fully understand before taking human form.

    When you seek an inner alignment to find what awaits your discovery, you will begin to take more purposeful steps. These will lead you on your own personal journey. During this journey, you will need to become the detective who sleuths out clues that appear along the way. Looking for what was given when engaging from a whimsical posture in a quizzical way. You see, each thing does seek to become known as many strive to find their purpose

    Enlist Purposeful Steps

    This is when you might move to enlist the steps necessary to shift the way you look at life. See things differently than you saw them before. You see when you recognize that each is given for a unique purpose, then you will discover more that awaits your recognition. In that recognition, more insights will provide the “ahas” you seek to know. 

    Heart-Centered vs Mentally Aligned

    Make sure your aha moments are heart-centered rather than mentally aligned. Set an intention today so these moments provide clarity of thought rather than confusion. Always begin from the heart space to receive insights of measure. Otherwise, what you believe is the next best step may not be as you believe.

    Your purpose awaits engagement as you enlist steps to enact this energetic thing. You see, you seek to more fully know the energy from the creation you came here to create. This energetic component is what awaits manifestation. Each resulting thing is merely the byproduct of this energetic understanding. Don’t put off beginning in the process to uncover and discover how this energy might feel.

    It is the feeling component that you must stay affixed to. Don’t lose sight of how you feel during the discovery phase. In this way, you can get about the business to find all you seek to know. It’s why you incarnated here initially and what you sought to know in earlier times. Begin today by taking purposeful steps. Take steps that will move you toward inner fulfillment and the wonderment of all that is.

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