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Subconscious Issues, Self-Saboteurs

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    What might be done to alleviate those things that work against what you hope to accomplish in your life … especially those things you cannot see?

    Subconscious Issues

    If the subconscious mind works behind the scenes, how can more become known and redirected to facilitate what you hope to accomplish? Do you wonder about those things that work in the background, the behind-the-scenes instigators that pop to the surface from time to time to add angst and drama to a situation? Those are subconscious trappings that become engaged when they are appropriately triggered.

    Seek out similarities and do place those issues on the table, so to speak. Acknowledge their existence and identify what is going on within your life. Surely, you would not sabotage a situation by acting a certain way or doing other things that work against your bigger agenda. But you did and you do. Why is that? Can you see the push/pull dynamic occurring here? You strive toward something and yet you do things that will certainly cause the demise of your desired intention.

    Course Corrections

    When that happens, do you see how a course correction can move you back to what you have sought to express in this lifetime? As a result, you are redirected toward that thing you are most passionate about ~ also known as your purpose. And what about self-sabotage? How can you distinguish the difference here and are they each worth your focus? You can find these answers when you align with the higher aspect of self. Here, you can work to recognize what you cannot know with your conscious mind.

    Can you more easily see the push/pull aspect playing out when you exclaimed, “Why did I say that?” or “What was I thinking?” as you made sure the interview failed or that first date wouldn’t progress to a second one? Recognize the gifts found within your subconscious. Can you see even its benefits? The subconscious can work to correct your direction and so you must become the detective who will sleuth out what is going on. What can you do to eliminate or limit the push/pull energy that is difficult to anticipate because it isn’t expected?

    We will say when you can see how this energy works in tandem to alter pathways, those objectives not in sequence with your life path, then you will again be heading in the right direction. See these things as course corrections to redirect you (in a more abrupt way) from one less desirable path to a more viable one. Consider this now and know each path will alter and move you accordingly.

    Release Stored Energy

    Do you see too how all energy within you seeks a course correction when things are out of balance within the whole? If there is unexpressed, negative emotional energy stored within, seek a brief reconnection to them so they can be released. You are a repository of energy. Do you see this? Endless amounts of unexpressed energy can be stored inside of you.

    Discover what might be festering within before their energetic aspects alter and turn into life-limiting ailments. You see everything has a synergistic movement as an ebb and flow exists in all things. When something new is introduced there, the existing movement must change to adapt to what has been recently introduced and adjust accordingly. It is in the alteration of existing patterns that we discuss here because when left unchecked, things will continue to accumulate, grow, and fester.

    Disease and illness will cause a more significant course correction because you will need to remedy and treat issues that arise from them. Even though you may be unable to connect to the precise emotional baggage stored within, surrender what is unknown by your conscious mind. Ask for the release of their energetic aspects so you might be free of their effects. There are many practices that might be engaged, but the first step is to become aware of their existence.

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