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In Unpredictable Times, Seek Clarity

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    In Unpredictable Times, Enact Steps to bring in Clarity

    In unpredictable times, what steps can bring clarity now? What does this new year hold and how do you envision your life progressing? Yes, the year has barely begun, yet the complexities of the mind do enter into the mix. What can be accomplished that will bring a smile to your face? Do you see with all the wondering and wanting, neediness has set in? There is so much in flux and flow. We find there is also a mental wondering of what might be accomplished today … and in each day that follows.

    Predictable vs. Unpredictable Times or Anytime

    We know your future may seem unpredictable. There is a desire to know and yet perhaps not to act upon certain ideas. For if you do this and not that, well, what is the right choice? And if these things don’t go as you expect, then what? How will you move forward to enact what you want if you move in reactionary ways? Don’t allow errant thoughts to dictate your next steps. Pay attention to what seeks your attention.

    When your mind is lobbing fastballs to see what sticks, move into a state of awareness. That’s what developing your practice is all about. Then when you are volleyed something that is meant to incite a degree of folly, choose another way. Choose another path to move toward. Keep your head clear of the nonsense that is otherwise suggested. And how do you then engage a better next step, especially if you are merely jumping from one issue to the next?

    The Mind and Its Mental Trappings

    You see, this sort of situation often occurs when you engage the mind and its mental trappings. We call this mind games. It is when you stay aware and discern what is really underfoot that better choices can enter in. Can you see how the mind, and more specifically, how ego can take you off-course as these things contrive to keep better thoughts at bay?

    Pause your mind to allow some better options a point of entry. These most precious considerations can only appear when you have moved the mind out of its current position. Move it out and away from what is in play. Allow access to more this day.

    Seek Clarity

    You need merely to create an open space mentally so they too can become known. Don’t you seek better ponderings? You see, errant thoughts might take you off-course … take you on a different journey. Those easily engaged won’t get you to where you want to go as directly. Don’t you want to avoid detours? Seek instead to become the awareness of all that enters into your pathway of consideration.

    When you ponder and speculate in this way, you do so from a more aligned, perhaps even to say, enlightened way. Engage this day knowing you will align more readily to all you desire to bring forward into this day. Accomplish this when you enlist to remain aware and present of that.

    Seek Clarity – Create a Mental Opening

    Seek to engage the still small voice that can be heard when you pause to enable a mental space to exist. Seek clarity. Allow other insistent and incessant thoughts to be shelved for a time. In this way, you can more readily hear more meaningful insights. Allow a mental pause so such significant understandings may also become known.

    Still the mind. Pause or contemplate rather than acting in a more of a knee-jerk or reactionary way. Then see what new insights arrive in the opening you have created by your mental pause. This is how you might find better answers. Now you can consider even more options. Find those other considerations. The ones not engaged earlier because you didn’t know of their existence. Strive to align to know more.

    Still the Mind

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