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Surrender, Plus Meditation

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    Now add feeling as you surrender
    Now add feeling to the mix

    Do you wonder about the best way to surrender something unwanted? Why a general request to surrender this, that, or the other doesn’t seem to work as well as you’d like? And what can be done to get this surrender process engaged and working? You hear that surrender can encapsulate more than just what you recognize on the surface — as other unrecognizable things can be added into the mix of your request. But do you find these requests don’t seem to be heard?

    So consider that something was missing or not asked for in a way that might make it more achievable. You want to surrender this unwanted thing and leave it in your past; now what? When it doesn’t seem to be as easy to surrender as the premise implied, recognize that something isn’t quite all there.

    If you believed that it could be easily accomplished, did you find that to be so? Did the inability to truly believe it would happen keep it from occurring?

    Surrender, plus Release Beliefs

    So you’ve done as you were instructed and found that this thing you surrendered is still in play. What do you do now? Can you add more specificity to the process? You might check out an earlier YouTube video where we discussed beliefs and surrender. So when you merely state that you want to release something you don’t want in your life, is that enough? I believe the answer is no. There is more you need to do on your end.

    Are you making one big statement to incorporate a number of different things? Maybe don’t be so general. Instead, be specific. The more specific the better. Pinpoint this thing in your mind’s eye. Generalities don’t seem to work too well here.

    If there’s anything that you want to release in relation to this one thing … that’s where you can be broad.

    Belief is a powerful thing but when you only give the request without truly meaning it, well, it doesn’t stick. It doesn’t become enacted. So the Elders recommend that in addition to believing you also add feeling to the mix. In that recognition, you activate it by feeling how it would feel without this thing. You envision it by how your life would feel without it.

    And then make sure you believe that you can enact what you are asking for. As the Elders say, don’t just give lip service. Believe it. Know it. Surrender it.

    Surrender, plus, plus – Add Feelings

    Now you are to envision the release of this thing and see what it looks like to not have this thing as a part of your life. Can you see a happier future? Is it more bright and beautiful than you had imagined life could be? Can you add the feeling of gratitude, wonderment, or some other component that you had not felt before in relation to the release of what you are now ready to let go of?

    The feeling aspect is such an integral component. This is so because feeling is the takeaway from your life experience. It’s what you are meant to keep as the key component you get to take with you when you depart this life. It’s the net gain and summation from your life experience.

    Your original purpose is why you are here. And consider tying it into your purpose to give more value to your request. Add feeling. That’s a good thing to add to your main means of navigation. Then you doubly know you are progressing in the right way.

    I’ve always believed surrender was grace entering in, but now I understand it a bit better after the Elders shared their insights here. Now check out their update.

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