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Tips to Manifest the Best Life

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    Robyn G. Locke - Author of How to Manifest Your Best Life

    Do you wonder what the Elders mean when they discuss manifesting the best life? And how does someone manifest the best life anyway? They’re not talking about doing something better, but moving beyond an acceptable life into a better way of being. Do you wonder if this has anything to do with the golden rules of life? Maybe. Instead, think in terms of having the life of your dreams. That’s what is meant when discussing how to manifest your best life. 

    Is it possible for you to believe and focus on the best life premise? To think, how can I be my best and manifest the best? And really, what makes a great life? Will it make me happy, content, or feel fulfilled? 

    So what does happiness mean to you? And quite frankly, what is the importance of manifesting the best life? Well, that’s what we are going to discuss here. And it’s quite simply this. The Elders want you to have an unparalleled life. That’s what this post discusses and will share.

    I’ll share that my life hasn’t always been the best. I haven’t always been in my current situation. I’ll begin with this: Life isn’t meant to be hard. But you are meant to manifest the best life … not a mediocre one. This life was intended to be amazing.

    Yet do you also wonder why bad things seem to happen, why your life isn’t always fun, or what can be done to get things back on track? You see, I’ve been rather headstrong. I found that when I wanted to accomplish something, I would overturn every rock and stone to accomplish my objective. 

    But sometimes, Universe sees this as pushing against what is. Pushing and almost demanding for Universe to hear you. Are you guilty of that too? Are you in a state of mind and the belief that what you want is best for your life? So must everything else fall away to achieve that outcome?

    Your Best Life – A Short Story

    But what if what you want isn’t the best outcome for you or your future? What if what you want won’t result in the best life but something else? What if it leads you down a path with a lesser outcome? In other words, what if what you want won’t get you to where your Soul sought for you to go? What if

    In the past, as today, I’d take on a role and do it to the best of my ability. I remember one position working in my office until 1:30 a.m. with a big thunderstorm approaching. It was Valentine’s Day, and I’d begun work at 7:00 or 7:30 a.m. that morning. So to say I was tired as I left the office for my drive home was an understatement. While I drove, I remember seeing lightning bolts flash across the early morning sky. I wondered why things seemed so difficult and took so much time to accomplish. 

    I’d been working on the minutes of a board meeting and found that I wanted to be very precise in my wording. Clear in content and intent. I didn’t want future discussions to emerge from a lack of clarity. I’d had to provide too much detail to convey the true intent. And so I’d toiled for a purpose. And that purpose was for clarity, not a legal liability. It wasn’t just for clarity in the next board meeting’s minutes, but for years to come. I wanted the minutes to be clear then and now so that someone else could pick them up, read them cold, and understand what was being communicated.

    So here I was, driving home after accomplishing that task to the best of my ability. I’d also simultaneously worked on a document with our legal team to get our standing as an association reinstated. I’d wanted to quickly and efficiently remove a stigma of uncertainty in the process. We’d been remiss, or really others had been remiss. Perhaps they hadn’t realized how remiss they had been. They’d allowed some lapses to occur, leaving this association’s position precarious at best. One that threatened its existence.

    I’m not sure they ever truly realized the severity under which they operated then. But I wanted to correct that quickly. Remedy the situation and restore what was lacking. This way, this organization could become whole once again, with no latent issues remaining. It would be as if the lapse which had occurred hadn’t existed at all. This organization would be whole once again. And that was what I sought to accomplish then. 

    I wanted wholeness for this board so that it was as if the lapse of accountability, good standing, and judgment was no more. Wholeness is always sought above all else, don’t you agree?


    And can you see it’s that way within our lives too? We can talk about karma and making right the wrongs of our past, but how do you make right something done in another lifetime? How do you right those unrecognized wrongs? 

    And do you realize that karma has manmade components added to its meaning? Manmade in that you are not meant to correct everything you’ve done previously in error. Realize that we are meant to make whole that which became fractured while living life. We are meant to make whole that which was once complete and pristine.

    I’m talking here about the fracturing of a Soul. Did you even know that your Soul can become fractured? You see, we’re the Soul’s physical arms and legs here. We are the means of existence and realization from this Earth platform of understanding. I know this is a lot of information, but let’s move back to the main premise of how to manifest the best life. So let’s look there now.

    The Elders want you to manifest the best life, not just a better one. And it is simply for this reason … you are meant to move in a pathway of purpose. And that purpose will move you to understand and experience why you chose to incarnate here in the first place. It wasn’t to have an endless parade of play-day activities. It was to have fun while diving into your purpose. We’ll talk more about that in another post but know that these things are most critical for you to understand and acknowledge. 

    Understand that you are more than this physical body. So let’s say the outer shell isn’t anything of great significance. Know, too, that there is more to this life than you may see. And so, in that reckoning, recognize that this life is meant to lead you to accomplish what you set out to understand once long ago. And it is to know and enact your purpose. The purpose your Soul set up and moved into play when you first embodied in that initial incarnation. 

    Manifest the Best Life

    In this way, and in every way, might you move to manifest the best life? Not just a mediocre one. Do so because life isn’t worth living if you don’t understand why you chose to come here in the first place, why you wanted to experience life here.

    When you move in that way, you will find that your life isn’t just better. It’s the means to manifest the best life because, in it, you will move as never before. You will move in ways you may not be able to conceptualize right now. In this way, you will manifest the most amazing, incredible, best life ever because you will operate in a way of unbounded opportunity, potential, and promise.

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