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True Happiness is Found in Your Purpose

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    true happiness found in your purpose

    Have you sought a sense of happiness that can be sustained within and felt throughout the day? Have you looked to find that contentedness and inner wanting to be satisfied as you move about your day? Do you look for something that has a long-term, residual effect in the realm of happiness so that it lingers and is always present? We would say that it is because you are searching for many things that do not quench your thirst that this deeper desire remains a burning mystery and more distinctly desired. Might we explain?

    When you look for something of a physical nature to give you inner fulfillment, do you find that the panacea quickly wears off? When you buy that new car, that special outfit, a bigger home, move your children from this school to that one, or even make more money, do you find that something else is soon needed? You know this new thing will make you feel whole and complete … right?

    Things Are Not Enough

    Do you look for things to complete you? You know inwardly that physical items can never bring to you the wholeness or deeper satisfaction you seek. They are not the avenue to get you to where you seek to go. 

    And so true happiness, that deeper state of satisfaction and contentedness is what you are yearning for, and that cannot be bought. You cannot find it in the next acquisition or next understanding unless it has something to do with why you have come to this planet and chose to initially embody here.

    Your Purpose Is the Key to Inner Happiness

    You see, you do have a purpose and a life plan. These things are what move you to accomplish, do or be. And if you have stepped away from that deeper, more intrinsic reason for being, then you are moving in what we might term a detour. It’s a detouring activity that takes you on a bit of a journey — takes you away from what you might otherwise accomplish. Yet, it is when you set out to engage in that which is why you initially came here that you will find the deeper happiness you seek. And so, how to get there?

    How to Find Your Purpose

    Move in a manner of seeking or looking as you move about in this life. Look to determine what it is that creates a space of happiness in the doings of an activity. You see, your purpose is an energy you create in the doings of it. There is something that you set into motion to discover and realize while here. And so you want to get into the space of discovery so that you can become aware of what it is in a significant way. 

    Move in this manner of purpose as you look at life and the daily activities within it — differently. Look to discover what you wanted to more deeply and fully understand. Feel your way through this life. What makes your heart sing and moves you to want to accomplish more?

    True Happiness

    The question is: What was it that you didn’t know when you were of an energetic nature? What was it, and what is it that you seek to more deeply connect to while embodied here? For you see, when you find that answer and have that activity of understanding secure, you will garner a more deeply felt satisfaction as you move throughout your day when you seek to undertake it.

    And this is the true happiness you seek. You seek and will find that which will give you a bounce to your step and make the day’s activities unending. Your purpose will give you that desired inner fulfillment and satisfaction. Your purpose is energy. They are the true reason why you are here and why you have ventured into the physicality of life here. It is what you have been on a mission to discover and find. And why you have entered into this realm of existence.

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