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Uncertainties: Are They Certain?

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    Uncertainties: Are They Certain?

    Do you wonder about this world and the uncertainties that seem to exist today? Do you wonder about this life? Do you wonder about how life seems to be constantly changing and morphing into a reality that is seemingly hard to understand or know? Do things seem to progress at such a rapid pace that you do not know why and how this world will continue without your involvement, to a degree, in this or that activity, or cause? Do you wonder, contemplate, or pause?

    Uncertainties Exist

    And so, know that today is no different than any other existence in which you have lived previously. That life is and will continue to be, that mystery which is rooted in the fact that you can guarantee that more change is yet to come. For this is the Earth platform. This is the existence in which you find yourself. Uncertainties do exist. You see, all components within life are ever-changing and that is the certainty on which you can bank your tomorrows.

    So you will want to take stock of the fact that all is fluid and flowing. And that the best way to keep up with this and these constantly changing factors is to release the idea that you can stop or halt time to be as it was perhaps yesterday or the day before that. Or, perhaps, your preference exists in a previous year … one that is particularly to your liking. What about then as opposed to now?

    But you see, that is not the reality in which you find yourself today. You find yourself in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment that does not seem to stop to allow for a pause or for you to take a breath. But you might choose to do so. You might stop to breathe this day in a way of certainty. You see, although you cannot change this or that, there do remain other measures that you can affect and have control over.

    And so, seek to control that which is within your realm of ability to do so. Release those concerns over the uncertainties that are a part of the fabric of life. Seek to move in that way for it will give you the comfort to pause, reflect and build upon that which you establish today. Do so with the certainty that this practice grows in value as your days, weeks, and years progress. 

    Develop Your Meditational Practice

    Develop your meditational practice and move a degree of reflection into what you move forward to master. Mastery here is easily attained when you pause, reflect and move into cue a practice that does build upon itself thru consistency, vision, and Love.

    Consistency will exist when you develop and implement a routine you can count on. Vision is engaged when you look upon your life and what has already transpired in a way of reflection. Utilize no judgment here while adding a degree of scope into the mix. Scope to look at where you might shift and change your direction and energy. And then add Love. Now move Universal Love back into this world of form in a daily sort of way. Move it out as it gathers more of its kind, only to return back to you in the full-circle approach that the law of attraction suggests. 

    Release Fear

    Do this as you release the constraints (issues) that you see. Release those issues that you have no real power to control. Remember that uncertainties have and will continue to exist — let’s say they’re certain to be in your future. Yet through practiced focus, you will find their resolve.

    And so as fears surface, or other similar worrisome traits develop, enlist their release. Build each day to be more steadfast than the previous one. Develop your practice to build tomorrows that are of more certainty and promise by establishing a practice that will balance you during uncertain times. Do things that will buoy up what has come before as you grow into the awareness that you are soon to be as you create a new reality through manifesting a different tomorrow. Do so by holding better thoughts, beginning from your heart space, developing your practice, and knowing that tomorrow … more will be. 

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