Become Consciously Aware

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    consciously aware

    Conscious Awareness

    Do you want to become more consciously aware? Do you routinely connect to your Soul or communicate often? Do you believe the Soul is too elevated or is unreachable? Recognize that more can become a part of your life when you seek to consciously connect in a meaningful way. Conscious awareness is simply remaining conscious throughout the day. Staying present when the mind seeks to redirect. Set an intention to remain conscious and aware as you take steps to do so.

    Rise Above the Mental Banter

    Do you realize and might you recognize that the mind does not seek your attunement or spiritual advancement? It doesn’t understand spirituality or why you’d want to connect in this way. It does not seek for you to gain conscious awareness. Right now, at most times, it’s running the show. Why would it want to yield what it now controls? Do you also see that much in this life centers around control? That is what the mind seeks also … to maintain dominant control.

    Might you still the mind? Recognize that the mind is meant to be a tool for you to utilize and employ when you need assistance. Engage there when you need mental direction. But don’t expect it to understand your desire to connect within, or to seek the slowing from its incessant banter. Spiritually speaking, the mind is not your best resource. Seek connection through your heart space and then direct your spiritual ponderings inwardly.

    Your Soul’s Objective

    Begin to develop that muscle so you might connect more readily to your Soul. Call upon your unseen entourage to grow this awareness. The Elders call it a training or even a retraining of what we’ve grown to know. But each step is important. Each step is most relevant. Each step will move you closer to where you truly seek, or might we say your Soul truly seeks to go. Grow your practice and this understanding by setting the intention to do so today.

    Consciously Aware

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