What is Present Moment Awareness

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    Present Moment Awareness

    So what does Being in the Nowor present moment awareness mean? This is when you are meant to pause and recognize where you are in life. Where you are and what you are doing as you live in the now-ness of this life experience.

    Be Present in Each Moment

    Might you take a brief moment to pause and see the beauty around you? Might you see the color of the leaves, the greenness (or not) of the grass, or the small bug crossing the pavement? Will you pause to hear the sound of children, the sound of traffic, or perhaps various sounds in nature? Will you take it all in as you recognize all that surrounds you?

    This is the time to also realize where you are at this point in time. At this moment in time, this is where you reside. As you now take these things in, do so in a conscious manner. Be in present moment awareness. Recognize each and every-thing around you. Do so as you recognize the present moment of being in the now-ness in this space of time.

    Give Gratitude

    Can you then give a degree of thanks for the effortlessness of being in this present moment? All the aspects around you have converged to give you the experience you are now consciously observing. Do not miss what Universe has provided you. See the opportunity it affords you in your recognition of this moment. Do not miss what is given.

    Can you see that all these things exist as an opportunity? They allow you to have a momentary break from your day. Is it time to reconnect to your Source? Re-center yourself as you take a pause within the busyness of life’s activities. Reside for a time in a state of love and connection with your Source. This will allow you to re-focus as you take a reflective pause. In this way, when you move back into your day, you will see things a bit differently. The day will, in turn, return to you what you seek from it. Can you see this?

    Move in Concert with the Flow

    Move forward in the synergistic flow of consciousness. In other words, move in the synergy of it. Feel what and how the day progresses as you move in concert with all that is. When you move in step with the day, can you feel the difference when you seem to be out of step?

    Stagnation vs. Flow

    All must continue to move in flow for otherwise, a stagnation of sorts occurs. It is important to keep on a path of allowing. When you move from a state of allowing and surrender, all potentiality can come to pass. Moving in the flow allows you to move more quickly to where you want to be.

    Choices made propel your next steps. Or, from other choices made, you will experience yet another reality. Allow different realities to be engaged by your choices. Each will get you to where you want to go (in the big picture of your life), but they may allow for new twists and turns to come your way. These may delay discovering what you sought to know and why you journeyed here. Some choices provide a more direct route than others.

    Surrender those things you do not know. It is from this state of not knowing, that you allow for better outcomes to be accomplished. Be present. Seek to experience all that was intended in the here and now in this way.

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