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Why Not Feel What You’ve Created

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    Feel What You've Created

    Can you easily see how your life is impacted by how you feel? And do you also realize how your emotions have a big effect on the choices you make as they weigh heavily upon your perception of them? They drive your interpretation of each situation.

    So often, what was said or what happened is not as important as how you perceived it. Can you recall something where you later found your understanding to be incorrect? Haven’t you ever misinterpreted something by perceiving it differently than it was intended? When you employ effective listening skills, can you minimize this? Can the various filters you automatically engage help you to correctly discern what really took place?

    Sometimes, there are legitimate understandings of what was discussed. But other times, a totally different assessment of what occurred takes place. Rather than ask questions to clarify misperceptions held, a storyline is developed and your interpretation is relegated to it. These determinations influence the gravity and weight you place upon words spoken. Yet the impact attributed to the situation can be completely out of sync with what actually happened. What effect or impact do these misunderstandings have on your life? After all, how do you know if your assessments were perceived accurately?

    Do You Feel Fully

    And do you make a point to feel all the dramas created within your life story? Do you feel each experience as you also seek to understand what was meant? Or instead, do you push away certain unwanted feelings? Will you think about them another day as you seek to bury those unexpressed feelings even deeper within? Recognize that you are here to experience each thing you’ve created within your storyline … and that’s a good thing.

    Stored Within

    Decisions to feel only certain things result in some energy becoming trapped in your body. You see, a kernel of each unexpressed energy stored within awaits your future connection to it.

    Do you realize how each energetic thing you’ve created is meant to be experienced and felt in this way? What do we mean by this? Life exists as a result of each decision and the corresponding choices made. Each seemingly small choice leads to yet another one. These choices build upon one another and become the life you experience today.

    Sometimes, you don’t like the scenario or the resulting drama your choices have created as certain experiences don’t feel as good as others. So, you’d rather not feel these things and their related emotions. Might we call these the consequences of your decisions?

    Yet, all things are to be felt. Why is this? As the creator of your story, dramas develop. These dramas tell you what you want more or less of certain things experienced within your day. In this self-discovery process, if you prefer certain feelings over other ones, what happens to those you don’t like? Especially those emotionally charged ones you choose not to fully recognize or feel?

    These are the emotions that become stored within your body. They are there so you might more easily connect to them when you are ready to do so. They await connection as they become layered upon with other like-kind energy.

    Mental Loop

    This is why oftentimes you think about certain situations over and over again, pushing them back into their restricted space as you keep them locked up inside you. Each unexpressed, emotionally charged experience remains until you connect with it and fully feel what has been created. It is awaiting your preference to reconnect to it. Each creation awaits this connection as you are meant to feel all you’ve created.

    Universe knows you have come here (to this planet) to feel all of your creations. And so, you have come to learn what you don’t like so you can move to create more of the things you prefer instead. Those that make you feel in a way preferred…happy.

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