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Find Yourself and Why You’re Here

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    Who Am I?

    Is it time to know yourself a bit better? Is it time to find yourself in a big-picture sort of way? That’s a big objective for me as I’m all about inner discovery. Learning why you’re here and understanding more in this regard is a big deal. Do you wonder, too, how bad occurrences could be a gift? These once seemingly bad things await you unwrapping them. Sometimes they are a great way to redirect you in some form or fashion. Know that their gift awaits your recognition. So I’ll say again, is it time to find yourself and discover why you’re here?

    Do you ask if your objectives line up with what your Soul set up to understand once upon a time? Or have you aligned more with that mental part of you? Do you know the difference? Realize we can’t see what we’re not seeing. Is that because this thing wasn’t considered from this or that vantage or maybe you haven’t considered your Soul’s objective? That’s what this post is about.

    How to Find Yourself

    Our posts are meant to stretch what you once believed and allow you to see what you haven’t routinely considered. That’s why releasing beliefs is so vitally important. If you never shift a formerly held belief, then how can you allow more to be? 

    I’ve suggested this very concept to a few people and found resistance there. Some were not open to receiving the insights and new pathways they offered. Their mind had taken the reins of control as they responded to already know this, that, or the other. They discounted new pathways of understanding rather than considering how a different vantage could put more into play. Yet, inwardly do you yearn for more?

    So consider this. Consider today the Elders’ approach and the insights they suggest. You see, what is suggested here isn’t given to satisfy that mental part of you. These words are meant to stimulate the bubbling up of your spiritual objectives. Step away from a mental knowingness as you still the mind.

    When new considerations cross your path, pause, reflect, and consider the more that does exist. Might you enlist these suggestions and others each day? Still the mind with this meditation or choose another.

    Quite simply, you might seek to discover more, yet the mind prioritizes tangible things over intangible ones. Most things we suggest here are intangible. Yet we’re in a very tangible world. If you can’t see, smell, or touch it, well, how can those things enhance your life in a tangible way?  Well, it’s those intangibles acquired that will move you to experience the best life. A life filled with satisfaction, joy, and inner peace. Isn’t this sort of fulfillment what you’ve been in search of?

    Find Your Purpose – It’s Why You’re Here

    But I’ll share that your purpose is the thing that will bring you such inner joy that you might detect a bounce in your step. When you move in this way, your energy changes and you attract other vibrational things into your life. You no longer care about those tangible things in the same way. Their effect is fleeting while the other is long-lasting. Now tangible things might seem less important. Do you agree?

    And in case there’s any doubt, I’m discussing your original purpose. Simply knowing your life purpose will not get you to where you truly seek to go. You’ve heard us say that your purpose is energy. It’s energy that you want to understand more personally. Now is the best time to begin your quest, your purpose-driven mission.

    In other words, what you want out of this life will change. What you once considered important may, in time, seem not so much. You’ll see this life differently along with new vistas of opportunity. 

    Soul Experience

    When you seek to connect with your Soul and contemplate what It wants to experience, you’ll view life from a renewed vantage. This is why you want to expand and grow what you know; it’s why you’re here.

    Maybe you’ll want to embark on a different course of action. And what if you are already enacting your purpose? What about your next step in that regard? Consider focusing on that consciously aware part of you to strengthen your connection there.

    What more can be learned when taking advantage of the Elders’ 360-degree vantage? They are quite simply the best resource to shine more of a light here. Engage their considerations as you employ their vantage of awareness.

    All the while, move in purpose. You see, you could elect for this to be your last incarnation. But to do so, you’ll want to bring wholeness into your life in a big way. Make this life more meaningful in that way. 

    Next Best Step

    There is so much more to this life than you might be seeing right now. It is not to say that this is good or that is better. Every step you take is the best step for it will move you to your next one. There is so much more to take in; enjoy this journey.

    Remember, too, that the mind likes to control the show. It wants you to accomplish all these physical objectives first so it can be pacified … for a time. The pacification will only last for a brief while though. That is why you must regain mental control of your mind and its ability to direct your life. Become the conscious awareness that maintains the reins of control for all you strive to enact.

    And know that the gifts that are given, will often redirect you. They do so when you have not stopped to reflect on where you are within your life journey. Stop and contemplate where you are today and where you wish to be. Look there from time to time so you make more conscious decisions.

    But know for sure that you are magnificent; you are divine. And that your Soul patiently awaits. It awaits your shift of focus toward your mutual objectives. It awaits an alignment that only you can achieve. Nurture to grow all you know as you take that next step.

    I hope you’ll enjoy more from the Elders’ vantage now …

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