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Our Books are Launching – Plus Your Bonus

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    Books awakening and greater purpose by Robyn G. Locke
    Our books are launching!

    I’m so excited to connect with you today as our launch date is finally here. Tomorrow, two books are launching – Awaken: The Definitive Guide to Transformative Change and The Greater Purpose: Awaken to Your Reason for Being. They’ll be available on Amazon on Thursday, October 20. That morning we’ll be doing a Facebook Live Launch Event beginning at 9 AM EST. Please join us!

    Awaken – the Book

    Awaken is the definitive guide to transforming your life. In it, you’ll find a series of energetic practices to enable shifts to occur. Take steps to transform energetically. What does that really mean? These steps will truly change your life as you see this life differently. Unlayer and unload what you need no longer carry. These steps are the means of personal transformation as you energetically unlayer and release what you need not maintain.

    You see, this life may not be as you believe it to be. It may not be as it is currently perceived. And as you consciously awaken to what else might be, you open up to new opportunities and their possibilities. After doing some of the release work found in earlier chapters, you will have the means to reset your subconscious. Reset it back to its original Universal design. So please consider taking steps today that will elicit better tomorrows. Now listen to a short excerpt here.

    The Greater Purpose book

    The second book launching tomorrow is The Greater Purpose: Awaken to Your Reason for Being. Three purpose books comprise this purpose book trilogy. This three-in-one book is the best means to help you find your purpose. But we’re not talking about your life purpose. We’re discussing your original one. The reason your Soul chose to embody here. Isn’t it time to discover what is awaiting discovery? Can you feel the excitement as you muse on this consideration now? Listen to a short excerpt of The Greater Purpose here.

    Our Three Little Books are Now in One

    The first book (the Little Book to Find Your Purpose) within this purpose trilogy sets the stage to enlist foundational understandings. It’s the best starting point to get things flowing. The second book within this purpose trilogy (The Original Purpose) shares many understandings dealing with the original purpose which is more than the life purpose. Consider now your original or what some call their divine purpose. It’s the greater and more vast purpose.

    And now, with the release of the third book (Enact Your Purpose) within this trilogy series, you’ll find greater clarity on why you are not your thoughts and why you are not your mind. Now as The Greater Purpose comes into play and is complete. This is the best means to know and discover more in this life.

    With the Awaken book, you will have a greater ability to heal, restore, and renew your body vessel so you can enact your mission or reason for being. The Greater Purpose shares insights as to why you are here and can return your focus to what you once sought to more deeply know. It is the means to complete what was begun long ago. And so, this is why these two books work so well together and are being released in tandem at this time.

    Your Added Bonus, Meet Carol Williams & Discover the Big Reveal

    As an added bonus, I want to share a story and a free gift from a friend who has her own purpose-driven undertakings. See if it resonates strongly with you. So check out her purposeful story – Focus with Confidence and Achieve Outrageous Success …no matter what “Life” hits you with!

    Carol shares her unique insights on how to deal with life in her free course. Consider now the journey she shares when you check out her story.

    And Finally – Join Us

    Know there’s value and possibility in each step you take, each choice made. Find the best steps as you enact and move forward with those new methodologies that will elicit different outcomes. Remove distraction, limitation, and diversion as you shift-change throughout the processes introduced in the Elders’ writings. Move forward and become the limitless and unbounded being that you are as you move mountains to achieve those earlier objectives in the process. Listen now to the Elders and this short video as our launch event gets underway in 24 hours… Please join us!

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