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Law of Attraction

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    Do you know what the law of attraction implies? Let’s begin this way … have you been remiss by focusing on what you don’t want rather than what is wanted? Many individuals are keenly focused on what they do not have and struggle to acquire what they believe is an impossibility to ascertain. Focus now on all that you seek but not from a lesser posture. Now let us consider how you might attract more of what you truly want.

    Attract What You Want

    Reframe your thoughts so Universal Law might work for your benefit. It’s your thoughts that keep you resistant to what you desire to have in this life. How can you receive abundance or that which is of greater measure if you really believe something else? When you believe something in opposition to that premise, do you see the impossible situation you place yourself in? Why ask for something you inwardly believe you cannot have or are not entitled to?

    Do you believe there is merit in what you seek? What are the benefits when having this thing? Look back upon the thoughts you keep and recognize if you are now where you had believed you would be. Are you instead where your thoughts have taken you? Do you scratch your head and wonder why you are where you are?

    So many times it is from a position of lack or struggle that one finds oneself. Universe does not want struggle. Can you recognize and see the difference in what your thoughts bring you? Your focus draws more of its like-kind vibration to you. Wouldn’t you prefer to recognize lackluster thinking and change what’s amiss to something else?  Look closely to see if your thoughts are moving you closer or farther away from your heart’s objectives. Notice if you want another outcome rather than the one drawn to you by the thoughts that you keep.

    Shift Your Thoughts

    Struggle does seem to impart and resonate more readily as it seems more plausible. Vibrationally, does it feel more familiar? We seek to introduce and show how this need not be. Stay aware of your thoughts and plan to shift them. Through your focused attention, you can know when you move in or out of step with the flow of life. And then you can simply adjust your thinking. Think better thoughts. Draw a preferred outcome to you instead.

    Remove Struggle

    Struggle is a means to know what is not wanted. In this realization, you know there must be a better way. The consequences here typically do not feel good. Yet sometimes they feel familiar … like a well-worn, comfortable sweater. Recognize the difference, and then shake them off. Bring new thoughts into the mix. Know that the negative feeling (struggle brings) must be recognized first before you can redirect your thoughts to think something else. Rather than focusing on what you do not want or what you do not have, redirect your focus to what bountifulness you already possess. So what is it you’d rather experience?

    When you feel in alignment with struggle, you draw more of its energy to you. Focus on what is wanted instead. Engage the law of attraction in a positive way today. Set an intention to manifest those things you wish to attain by briefly focusing on them after you offer gratitude for what you already have … right now … in this moment. Focus on how you are taken care of by Universe and how all of your needs are continually met even if you don’t currently believe this.

    Attract What You Want

    The law of attraction very simply is the means to draw in those things that are a vibrational match to what is focused on and desired. Your focus simply brings more of what you want into focus. You attract them to you in this way. This is Universal law.

    Try This Now

    In your mind’s eye, see your desires as if they have already been manifested. Feel what it is like to have accomplished this thing. Know and feel as if each were already here. Live your day as if each preferred outcome had already been accomplished and was currently in play and underway. Employ this methodology daily for the next thirty days and see what your renewed thoughts produce.

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