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4-minute means to find purpose

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    Feel your way to find your purpose

    Have you already found your purpose? Do you know why it’s so very important to feel your way through this life? Do you see it as an indicator of what is wanted? Is this a way to let Universe know your objectives? Ultimately what you want to reconnect to is why your Soul chose to embody here in the first place. Put into action the understandings we share so you can get about living the most expansive life possible. Use how you feel to find your purpose in a discoverable way.

    There’s so much more to life than the physicality you can so plainly see. Does that ring true for you or does that statement seem nonsensical? You see, I’ve found that the more significant things, like your purpose, are one of many things you can’t see. Your purpose is intangible yet such a significant discovery. You’ll want to be sure to find and enact it while journeying here.

    Intangibles vs Tangibles

    And what is meant by intangibles? Do you already know? It’s what you can’t see but you know is oh-so-significant. I find that tangible things are more easily recognized in their apparent value. But here is where it gets a bit tricky unless you take a step into the feeling realm. There you can get a greater sense of what is what.

    You see, you can’t take any of these tangible, physical objects with you in the next round of life. The life after this one. I’ll say the physical things may be fun to own but at some point, you have to acknowledge that they won’t get you to where you truly seek to go. On your deathbed, they won’t seem to hold the same value as they did earlier. They are diversions and take you off-point of the true objective sought.

    This Teaching on Purpose & Feeling

    Consider this teaching as a pathway for you to consider exploring today. I say today rather than in the future because you want to be sure to enact steps that can take you closer to all you seek to discover.

    This life passes so very quickly. If you don’t implement some steps today, will there be the remembrance to take them up another day? Sometimes the distractions presented by our mind are meant to divert and delay. And that delay may be indefinite.

    The mind prefers to have fun. It wants self-gratification and the means to enact without enlisting any spiritual objectives … the steps that would enable the intangible to become tangibly understood in that next phase — after transitioning.

    We hope you are invested in wanting to discover the means of inner fulfillment, finding your purpose, and all this life has to offer. This is the fun we speak of. You’ll want to invest some effort and a degree of desire in all you do to accomplish this ultimate objective. It’s what makes this life experience so very gratifying, rewarding, and fun.

    Where you Came From

    Realize that you are energy as is everything on this planet. You came here with the intent to understand something you didn’t understand before embarking on this journey. This and other physical embodiments are the means of gaining that greater clarity. It’s because we humans are able to feel so deeply here; we feel so significantly here. This means of navigation is the best one to employ to help us gain clarity, understanding, and focus.

    Feel your way through this life in order to know more specifically what this or that is. Use how you feel as a navigational tool to know what path to take and which way to go when in the midst of multiple life choices.

    Your Purpose

    Perhaps the most significant thing you can discover in this life is your original or greater purpose. Do you believe that to be so?

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