Part 1 – Finding Your Purpose

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    The importance of your purpose

    Have you wondered about your purpose? Why it might be important to know what it is? And how your life’s purpose might impact your life?

    I thought about it for many years. Sought to find it by researching countless books and searched to discover what seemed to be quite elusive. It had become my mission, so to speak, to find out what it was in my spare time. You know, when I wasn’t focused on my primary job, family, or an assortment of other endeavors.

    Have you wanted to find your purpose? Do you want to know it now? Do you want to discover it to the point that you don’t just wonder about it but have begun to search for it unceasingly? That’s more or less how it worked for me. Because it had to ultimately become my “must know” objective too. I also had to be able to maintain my focus long enough to finally access my inner-most objective. My inner objective could only become known to me when I wanted it strongly enough. It had to become my primary outer objective too. 

    And so, life is as you desire it to be. If you’re happy living the life you find today, if you currently feel complete and whole, then this post won’t resonate with you. You probably will not have made it to this point. This post is meant to align with those who yearn to know more. Those individuals who often think about this one core objective. Those who are determined to find it. These are the ones this message is meant to reach. This is a guidepost you specifically are meant to find. 

    The Little Book to Find Your Purpose

    For those of you who are still reading these words, consider this. There is a little book that will help you get into the right mindset. It will move you toward finding what you seek. It’s titled The Little Book to Find Your Purpose. It appears as the first book in the purpose book trilogy, The Greater Purpose. It was given to me by the Elders. Their insights are absolutely the best place to start to find out what you set up to discover during your life’s journey. 

    They share that finding your purpose is more easily accessible when you look at this objective through the eyes of a child. Consider the vantages seen from those earlier days when contemplated upon in your youth. This is where you might start. Find those insights which you resonated with once upon a time. Those can be accessed today in a fun-loving, light-hearted way. Discover this, and then perhaps you will see forgotten or missed clues. Start there and recall what you once more easily aligned with. What did you want to do or grow up to become when you were little?

    My Initial Method Took Time

    Before knowing of the Elders, my personal practice was to ask to know my purpose. I asked each night before I went to sleep. And then I asked and listened as I awakened. I did this for quite a while and eventually wrote down (in my journal) what I heard in response. The small voice that offered more. I just had to clear my mind long enough to hear what was given. I was open to receiving more during those in-between times … when I wasn’t fully awake. That’s when I got my greatest insights. I wrote down what I heard. This was how I started my internal “dialog.” I asked and was given some basic answers. I looked for inner confirmation as I also sought to determine what to do next.

    Develop Your Process or Practice

    Start your own process using whatever means work best for you. Read a purposeful book, seek insights from within, or engage to start your practice in some other way. Just set the intention to begin implementing new steps today. Engage a process to discover your purpose for this life as you seek to enlist and discover more. 

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