Discover Life’s Mystery

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    Life's mystery is to be engaged and understood

    Are you ready to discover more than you ever imagined? Discover life’s mystery so you might see life differently than you did yesterday. The Elders describe the mystery of this life and how you are meant to discover more, by first, enlisting a whimsical posture. This is one component needed to allow more to exist in your life. Don’t limit life by imposing unnecessary mental constraints or limitations. Employ whimsey and wonderment instead.

    You’ll also need to set the stage for a bubbling up of understandings to occur. Focus on what brought your Soul into this Earth experience in the first place. Place your intention and focus there. But first, I’d like to share a bit more…

    Your Original Purpose

    Your Soul wanted to understand some-thing that it didn’t know or fully grasp, so It chose to embark on a physical journey. You see, there was enough of a not-knowing to cause your Soul to enter into an Agreement to be gifted this temporary, illusionary existence. Read about this agreement in our purpose book trilogy, The Greater Purpose. This book is comprised of three little books. Each one will give you additional understandings and considerations to find and enact your purpose. The agreement is discussed in its third book, Enact Your Purpose.

    Yet please know this original desire may be buried so deeply within that you might have to extract it by more than just wanting it to be. You see, it must, for a time, become your number one priority. Do you realize that you cannot enact anything in such a meaningful way without setting an intention to do so? Engage life’s mystery in this way.

    Also, know that you are to enact your purpose from a place of being consciously aware that you are knowingly doing so. Anything that occurs by happenchance is worthwhile, too, but not in the same way. To satisfy your Soul’s objective for being here in this Earth experience, well, this accomplishment must be enacted deliberately. You must know what you are doing and why you are doing it. To satisfy your reason for being in this Earth space is the purpose you are to undertake.

    Satisfy the Agreement

    Per the agreement, you will continue to incarnate here until you enact this purposeful thing … this energetic accomplishment. And I’ll suggest that you’ve been incarnating here for more time than you might care to consider. So now is the perfect time to manifest your unknown reason for being, to make your purpose known.

    You must indeed enact, create, manifest this thing. Take action now to satisfy a deeply held desire established by your Soul’s longing to understand more. This is the means of garnering inner fulfillment. Discover why you came here and what can become known today.

    Perspective and Intentions

    Is it time to change the perspective you’ve held for most, if not all, of your life? Is it time to see this life differently? Is it time to look upon this life with the wonderment of the child? Is it time to view this life as a mystery that you’re about to crack open? Do you recognize this is the means to finding inner happiness, fulfillment, and how to manifest a more abundant life? This is the reason your Soul journeyed here once upon a time

    So establish new intentions now that you want to know more. Set the intention to manifest the best life. Set the intention to self-heal and become whole. Set the intention to allow that bubbling up to occur from deep within. Set the intention that this is the time to know more.

    Move more components into motion by enacting this purposeful thing. It is an energy frequency you are to create here on this Earth space. You see, it is not the thing but the doing of the thing that will satisfy your agreement. Then the agreement will be no more. Accomplishing this objective will break its tethering component.

    Life’s Mystery

    Our gift, today, is to remind you that an unwrapped gift has been given. Unwrap the knowingness that you are here to see. Discover life’s mystery.

    Recognize this life is not as it appears to be. Engage in life’s mystery. You see, your life will change as your perspective changes. Your perspectives change how you view and envision this life when you look upon it differently. No more drudgery can exist in this space. Only the opportunity to solve and resolve what was then unknown. Now, when you scratch your head and do not know what this thing is, ask your unseen entourage for assistance. Ask for their guidance. Ask to be given more. 

    More is to be understood as you employ the steps you are to engage in this life. Take baby steps now as you look to enact more.

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