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3-Minute Backstory – Why You Are Here

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    Why the Backstory Matters

    Have you wondered why you are here? Have you wanted to know the backstory and premise of your purpose? Your purpose is, quite simply, why you came here. But why are you still here? The Elders share a short, 3-minute accounting of just that. It’s the backstory to your purpose-driven premise. Might you read on?

    Original Purpose

    You see, your original purpose is why you are here. Today, you hear a lot about the life purpose but not as much about the original premise. The original objective your Soul established in order for it to come into this platform of physical understanding. Here, in this dimension, there is a greater ability to understand because we feel so acutely, so deeply here.

    We can understand more here than could be understood previously. And that’s why we chose this space – we chose to feel what we didn’t understand once upon a time. Your Soul came as spiritual awareness to understand more. So the Soul entered into an agreement to be here. And you are the feet on the ground, so to speak. The one that enables so much more to become consciously known and understood.

    Feelings Enter the Equation of Why You Are Here

    Feelings are a big component here in this Earth experience. So I’m adding a bit more to the understanding given by the video you’ll soon hear. I’m adding this into the mix of your consideration because feelings impact everything. Feelings are – for many – why we are still incarnating here. Feelings change how we interpret and see this life experience. It influences all things.

    Feelings took many of us out of embodiment prematurely. That initial incarnation wasn’t what was expected. It seems we didn’t anticipate the feeling component to be as it was. Once mixed with the banter of the mind it became so much more. Let’s say we didn’t expect it to feel as it did. That was certainly true in my case. So much is understood but also misunderstood by wild insinuations and interpretations by the mind. The mind and ego became the egoic mind. This mix changed a lot of what is experiences to become what if conjectures.

    Objectives Sought

    Do you wonder how we got so far off-course? How did we get so far away from our original objective? I believe it’s because when we transitioned from this life to that in-between time, we thought everything we believed was true. We thought we knew all in that space. We were reinforced by those who believed similarly. They reinforced the beliefs we held. And when that reinforcement occurred, we didn’t question or ask for more.

    And that belief wasn’t what it was presumed to be because, in that space of awareness, we don’t know all. We can clearly see this now by looking at the world we live in today. Had we known all at that time, the world we live in would be a kinder, more gentle world instead of what it is. So much is about the ordering we choose and the choices we make accordingly.

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    Choices and Ordering

    I’ve had many conversations with people who say they don’t have time to indulge in these understandings right now. They simply don’t have the time. Let’s say this isn’t a highly sought-after objective on their to-do list. Perhaps they are the sole caregiver for their mother who’s recovering, their small children’s needs, their own health needs, or they simply aren’t handling life challenges as they need to currently. Does one of these scenarios describe your situation?

    But I’ll share that were you to indulge here first, our understandings would shift things occurring in your world. You would be in a better mental space because you would be doing work that will energetically fuel all in a positive way. Indulgences here will shift how you see this life. Thus the energy that is drawn to you now will be different. It will change because your energy has changed accordingly.


    Ego is often the culprit as it likes the poor pitiful me storyline. It seems ego would rather we remain in an oppressed mental state because then maybe we’ll listen to it more and follow its directives. Can you see this now? What drives your thoughts?

    Listen now to the Elders’ short update and see how it resonates with you once anchored from your heart space. Anchor in their Love now…

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