Make This Your Last Incarnation – #1

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    last incarnation

    Do you wonder about making this the last incarnation when perhaps you don’t even believe in reincarnation? Let’s take a step back now to discuss more.

    Originally, spiritual consciousness came here wanting to understand more. Because of this desire, they entered into an agreement that was not readily understood because you simply don’t know what you don’t know. And here, I’ll say it is the technicality of knowing what it means to be physical and how it feels to feel in this space. 

    Deeply Felt Emotions

    From what was said, I understand that feeling when spiritually placed as opposed to when physically placed, is vastly different. I equate it to the deeply felt emotions that we seem to experience down to the core of our beings.

    I gather that how we feel, how humanity feels, is different from how we understood things to feel in the existence we knew before.

    The Original Purpose

    We didn’t know this when we originally embodied – when our Soul originally wanted to come to experience some questioned understanding. It may have been a small question – not necessarily a grand consideration. Perhaps we wanted to know how it felt when smelling a rose in the early morning dew. Or maybe we wanted to know how it felt when giving gratitude while involved in some service to humanity. Or maybe it was something else. 

    But how can you know what this or that is when you don’t know what this or that means or equates to? It’s like believing you know how it feels to run a marathon when you’ve never even run a regular race before.

    We have lost our way here as there is no recall of this thing that our Souls once aspired to know.  The Elders term it as the Original Purpose but it could also be called the Greater Purpose or the Soul’s Purpose. 

    Deceptive In Its Delivery

    And so there was not a true understanding of the meaning behind the words used as the meaning was understood differently from the awareness from which we came. 

    And this is where their update gets quite interesting because the Elders share here that the agreement was “deceptive in its delivery.” I find this most intriguing because I asked specifically if they had wanted to use this word or another. I gave several options for different adjectives and they stayed resolute with what was initially given. 

    If you know the Elders as I know the Elders, you will realize that they never use this sort of terminology. They never use any words but those to uplift. And so, using the word “deceptive” is a big deal. 

    I realize this means there is more to the story and that right now, my mind could not conceptualize the more that does exist here. And so, I know that in time, this understanding will grow as I grow. 

    My Soul’s Original Incarnation

    My Soul’s original and first incarnation happened before recorded time. It was then that this group of Beings known as the Elders today came on a mission to save those who had already become trapped in the physicality in which they found themselves. Trapped and layered upon by previous experiences while in the body.

    But you see, my Soul became trapped too in that initial incarnation. It was because it did not know that life and experiences would be so deeply felt. And so, my Soul, too, has been a part of this Earth experience for a time and more time.

    Last Incarnation

    The Elders point out that there is no clause or stop measure that allows for a reset to be put into place. So, currently, there is not the ability to remember or regain the understanding that was lost as we moved further and further away from that original incarnation. There is no means in place to stop or remind what is in play today.

    In the distant future, the Elders suggest that there must be a reset of what is underway so that those who are here can move beyond the looping incarnations in which they find themselves today. For to think of themselves as being from somewhere else is a once-upon-a-time tale

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