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Conquer Fear of the Unknown

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    Jump In and Take a Chance

    cartoon of boy jumping into water or fear of the unknown

    How can the unknown and uncertainties be met in a more positive way? Why are soon-to-be-realized dreams sometimes so frightfully met? Do the changes they suggest fill you with the fear of what remains unknown? Are you ready to instead realize that what is wanted can more easily be attained when you shift away from negativity and fear? Are you aware of others who have stepped into the unknowingness of a rapid current and come out on the other side of the experience? They seem to be doing well. Or do you perceive that it will be too much for you to handle? Do you embrace change or are things moving too swiftly for you?

    Yes, it is true that when you enter and remain in Universal consciousness, and remain in the flow of life, this forward momentum will take you to your desired destination faster than you might believe possible. Are you ready to embrace what awaits you?

    Might You Dip Your Toe In Now

    And so, do reflect. Place a toe into the rushing waters to see how it might feel to jump in. Do you see that it was a bit chilly, but not overwhelmingly so? Do you also see the waters are clear and that there are those who await your next move? They are within arms’ reach to protect you. They are there to make sure you stay afloat. Embrace with certainty that you have unseen support who enlist unwavering dedication, devotion, and an unfaltering focus to offer assistance.

    Know your unseen entourage is always within the realm of your existence. They are here to support you, wait and await your call. They will enter to help you any time you enlist their service. You’ve probably heard the call compels the answer. Call them in to allow more to be. They await and do so patiently yet there are those individuals embodied here who never enlist such help. We tell you to utilize all that is about you. Seek and find.

    Life can be a miraculous and marvelous experience. Engage all those who seek to assist you through light and love. Do so unceasingly and often. Do so with love and know those who help you, do so as they have an energetic tie to you. They seek to assist you and all you intend to do and be in this lifetime.

    And so, know too that it is time to jump into the racing waters to see where the current will take you. You do not need to know how to swim in this circumstance for you do not need the means to breathe. In this current, you need merely the means to surrender. Surrender to the endless possibilities which exist for all you seek to do and be while physically placed.

    Fear has No Real Purpose

    Do you see when you worry about knowing how to swim or if you will have enough oxygen to remain afloat, well, you clutter the mind with fears that are of no real purpose. You introduce drama where it need not be. You need not be in that space of fearful wonderings or fruitless contemplations. So let go of those thoughts. Let go of the drama. Seek to know more and be more as you enlist all that life, this life. Discover all life has to offer.

    Will you do so today? Jump into this current and see where Universal flow will carry you. Take a chance this day, and each subsequent one, as you move forward to be all you sought to be in this life. Will you promise yourself to remain focused on this one objective, as you love unconditionally? Now thank your body and those beings you cannot see. Yes, anchor those who work with you in this life outwardly, inwardly, and especially those who are all about you. Will you do this now?

    We do love you and encourage you to take the plunge, in this moment, this day. And so it will be when you allow for it to be so.

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