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Ego – What Drives Your Thoughts

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    What drives your thoughts?

    Does ego drive your thoughts?

    Ego was once a necessary and critical component anchored within your form. There are still many benefits it offers. It has served to provide the needed guideposts for survival in earlier times. So relevant was its purpose and mission that the demise or loss of one’s life would have more readily occurred without its most critical evaluation of the circumstances surrounding it in less secure times.

    Today, many live within the parameters of a more secure surroundings. Of course, there are exceptions. During more questionable times, safety must not be taken for granted. Checking to make sure you walk on a lighted pathway and remain safe are both things key to your understanding.

    Ego is a Tool

    When perilous times exist, ego serves you best. Ego will surely have you checking and double-checking what lies ahead. It remains particularly valuable during these times. Ego and intuition can work together. Yet, the original purpose of ego continues to shift in this current age. The significance to you, as its host, the host it supposedly serves, lessens with each passing day. It does not hold its service as something most sacred.

    Ego’s role did evolve over time. Initially, there were measures created that would hold it accountable to protect the life it was designed to serve. However, it soon transitioned from this role into one that safeguards its own survival. It is the voice you hear oftentimes in your mind’s eye. Therefore, understand how ego no longer serves its host as originally intended. It seeks to promote its own relevance instead while ensuring its own existence.

    Many times, it will introduce conflicting thoughts. This is done by interjecting adversarial thoughts within you, its host. Often, it will serve as an instigator of the conflict. For you see, most of the time it is allowed to continue thriving in an unobstructed manner along the pathway of the mind.

    Manage Ego

    Seek to manage it, by recognizing negative thoughts and redirecting them to more positive ones. Become the awareness and oversee its incessant banter. Know that you are in control of what plays within the parameters of your mind. Take control by rewriting the script or dialogue. Or choose to completely halt these conversations by slamming a mental door to their trappings. Recognize these negative, and sometimes demeaning thoughts are not your own. Many, unknowingly, allow for the continuation of ego’s negative themes. Themes that run constantly and incessantly through the mind. Ego might suggest some actions to take you totally off-course. A direction that could be seen as being out of alignment with your life’s purpose.

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    Its incessant focus does contribute to stir you up, causing irritation and brooding. This allows other like-kind dramas to continue running as a loop of thought in the mind. Therefore, the pot is continually being stirred, so to speak. We do advise you to become present in recognizing this banter. Present-moment awareness will move you out of such thoughts. When you recognize these negative loops, immediately cut them off at the pass. Redirect them.

    Survival Mission

    Ego is not evil. We do not mean to lead anyone to this belief nor is it implied. Nonetheless, ego is on a survival mission. Its reason for being has shifted in time. Stay alert and recognize your thoughts. Do not allow one thought to progress to the next without your awareness stepping in to observe the dialog running there. Observe and then without judgment, redirect your thinking as you will more readily thrive when ego is kept in check.

    Recognize that sometimes ego’s influence can be subtle. Watch and become the judge-less observer. Be in control of all that resides within your domain. Be aware of what drives your thoughts.

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