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Embrace All – Be Limitless

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    There are no limitations except those you choose to embrace. All potentialities are limitless. Choose now to remove any self-imposed constraints and seize your unbridled destiny. It is of endless possibility and all is of your choosing. Each opportunity is yours to claim. Only when you choose a self-limiting thought does this limitation enter your world. It looks to anchor there by the energy you keep. Move away from all that does limit you by the energy held in your thoughts.

    Embrace and Always Seek More

    Do you see that when you allow more to be, that more will appear within your world? Do not restrict or demand that things be in a state of perfection. Perfection does not exist here on this Earth plane. Allow flaws to exist and do not micromanage your life or the lives of others.

    In seeking direction from Universe and being in Universal flow, there are always indicators given that arrive to provide direction. Recognize how they allow you to move another step closer to all you seek. It is whether or not you are able to tune in to see them.

    Know that as you look, you will find. The mind, and ego, each play a role. Seek something greater than you thought possible. Set your intentions and surrender to what might now be. 

    Know what you seek, you will find.

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