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The Gift in Adversity

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    Adversity in gifts given

    Do you wonder about adversity and its value? How can adversity be considered anything but bad? Do you sometimes pause and reflect upon occurrences that do not seem to offer anything but misery? Do you wonder why you must experience these unwanted things? Do you believe them to be out of context with what you sought to do or be in this lifetime? Let us provide more insights here as we now provide a bit more.

    Might we offer something for you to try out in the near future? Remember what we share here when you find yourself in a situation not to your liking. Would you pause how you consider this negative thing? Step away from what you believed to be unpreferred. Would you look upon it and consider that it may not be as you perceive it to be? Will you stop and reflect upon this unwanted thing as you slow or still your mind? In this way, the mind does not continue to fill in all the blanks. Sit with this consideration in contemplation.

    Adversity is Gifted

    Do you recognize the gift given? Adversity is a gift. Have you ever considered this before? You see, often, adversity is fraught with negativisms but consider this. Consider that this thing may be moving you into a preferred pathway. It moved you from going this way to another.

    Can you look back over time and see the gift? So there may be a gift in this thing you consider in such a negative way. So reflect again when you have moved beyond the negative occurrence and look again. Look again to see if you can detect the gift that was given. It was surely there, but you may have missed it within the drama of the day. It was gifted in an undetected way.

    Good and bad things are experienced in this physical dimension. And really, what is good without its countermeasure? And what does it mean when something is labeled as bad? Why judge each accordingly? And so, when you create an idea, and you want to play it out, then you have to be ready to see its results. So what will come of this plan you devised?

    As you consider this, also consider that all your steps move you to a place as a result of your previous steps. Each leads you to the next. When something ill-conceived occurs, and it moves you out of a planned path, know there were other steps you might have chosen. But each must first be perceived. And so, when something occurs that moves you away from what you had planned to do next, can you look upon it with unimpassioned eyes? In this new recognition, can you see how it is moving you away from one thing and toward another? Is there a gift given that was unrecognized then? What about now?

    Gifts Given

    In this way, you can recognize the gift it sought to impart. But in order to see the gift, you must also recognize what it seeks to impart. Can you reflect again? Can you take a step back in any occurrence to recognize what was gifted? What might you glean now? Are there visible patterns that you might recognize so you can break the cycle? Pause and slow the mind to see the overarching premise and thus the gift given.

    And so, move this day with the knowledge that each adversity is a gift awaiting discovery. Each is a gift that is wrapped and has yet to be opened. Each is there for your discovery. In the discovery, recognize what it sought to impart. So move in the wonderment of what these unwanted things seek to share when you look at them with the quizzical wonderment of the child. Give gratitude as you now look upon each thing to see them differently than before.

    And so it is.

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