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    Find Your Purpose. Do you realize that when you feel bad or disconnected that this is not real? When an aspect, feeling, or other consideration impacts you in a lesser way, recognize that this need not be. You are always connected to your God Source and those that would propel you into what you seek to know, do, or be.

    Do you see that when you are willing to release the angst of the moment — so much more can enter in? In a way, it is as if you are cleaning your house. When you seek to clear away the (mental) clutter to make room for something new, more can enter in. This is the key to find your purpose and mindfulness.

    Always seek to engage as in the wonderment of a child.

    In this case, the “something new” is a new energetic alignment. And do you see it is as simple as stopping to refocus to align differently? In this way, you clear out what waits there as you allow a new flow of energy to emerge — a more aligned energy than what had existed there before. In mere moments your focus and inner feelings can shift … in a good way. This is done from the posture of believing that it can be so and then stepping through a veil of illusion. This is an illusionary time. And do you also see that when you focus on those things you wish not to be, how they do (then) more readily appear? So release these unwanted things by your willingness to do so and in your surrender to release them. Surrender into this new reality. Move unpreferred things out of cue. Release each of them before they grow in size and stature.

    Can you do this? It is done merely by stopping and setting the intention for something else to be. This is not a complicated thing unless you wish this to be so. You see, it is by the slowing and stilling of the mind for a time to allow something else more preferred to flow in and to you.  This is mindfulness.

    Find Your Purpose – More Awaits

    And so now, engage each thing you want with the wonderment of a child. To find your purpose, it is by your asking for this platform, to find your purpose to become known (by you) that more can be brought forward and engaged in your current life. You see, your purpose does await you. It waits for you in the full glory of what it might unfurl to reveal as it moves into this reality. Seek for it to become more firmly affixed in this physical dimension.

    When it is so close to your doorway, why do you then shut the door?

    Know that there are openings and opportunities now that did

    not exist before … for you were not ready for the more that did exist earlier. We say that today’s reality awaits your focused attention. So will you step back, take a deep breath, clear your mind, and engage again? Engage with the certainty that all you seek has already been found. What you seek has already been made known and is already operationally ready. You might even say it has already been made manifest and is all about you

    And so will you take steps to move this thing into the reality that it has waited to exist in? Make it known today as you release what could not have been enacted before in the more limited construct that did exist then. These limitations were in cue and were awaiting their cue.  Do you see that these lesser things need be no more? Enlist right thinking at this time to allow for the dismantlement of what is not preferred. 

    Mindfulness – Still the Mind

    So right now, still your mind. Let your entire being know that you are ready. You are ready for the unfolding of what you sought to know in an earlier time … as this time has rolled back around and is now ready for engagement once again. Will you do this now? Sit for a moment to plant this and other seeds anew. 

    Now that you have begun the planting of these seeds to find your purpose, will you continue to water them? Nourish each by reengaging with them often. Add a reminder to your smart device. Add a quick comment on a sticky note. Place it on your mirror or wherever you will routinely, and more immediately see it. Step into the activity this note suggests each time you pass by it. Connect with it often throughout your day. Do this as you await what is before you now. Will you do so this day and each one that moves forward from here?

    We encourage these steps and the connectivity you seek to enlist all that is awaiting emergence at this time. In this way, your purposeful intentions will spring forward from a renewed destiny evoked within this time-space continuum. Might this be more readily preferred?

    Let it be so, and so it is.

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